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The Top 10 Best Sports for Burning Calories and Losing Weight Fast

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There are sports to burn calories and lose weight quickly. We have made a selection of the 10 best sports for you to practice to get in shape for the summer.

Here is the simple and unattractive truth about exercise – if you want to lose weight, you have to do a lot. To lose 1 kilogram, you need to burn around 7,700 calories. However, the sooner you accept this universal truth, the sooner you will reach your goal. But that doesn’t have to be a tragedy!

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There are a lot of enjoyable ways to lose the extra belly fat without working out like a crazy fitness addict. Allow us to introduce you to the top 10 calorie-burning sports that you absolutely should try!

The Jump Rope

With this fairly simple sport you will burn 1,074 calories per hour! This exercise is the best fat burner that will help you increase your calorie burn and lose weight. There is simply no other exercise that can match this one.

According to Experts

Rope jumping is much more efficient than running: “This aerobic exercise can achieve a ‘burn rate’ of up to 1300 calories per hour of strenuous activity, with about 0.1 calories expended per jump.

Ten minutes of jumping rope can be considered the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging. Since the impact of each jump or step is absorbed by both legs, the jump rope may have less risk of knee injuries than with jogging.

During this exercise, you build agility and speed, increase bone density, and even improve your brain’s cognitive function.


You will burn 937 calories per hour! Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. It is also used as part of South Korean military training for each soldier. He is famous for his use of kicking techniques, which sets him apart from martial arts such as karate.

Today, more than 70 million people in 188 countries practice Taekwondo. 4 million of them have the black belt. This sport not only focuses on physical activity, but also on concentration, fighting philosophy and self-defense.

Taekwondo has many Advantages

A typical Taekwondo class involves dynamic hitting and kicking exercises, blocks, strengthening exercises, and stretching. You will build endurance and strength through these active movements.

A sports study has shown that Taekwondo athletes exhibit peak anaerobic power, flexibility – especially in the legs and hips – dynamic upper and lower body strength, and good endurance.

For younger children, learning and practicing the Poomsae – specific patterns of defense and attacking movements – leads to better motor skills and body control.

The Tabata Method

You will burn 900 calories per hour! For those unfamiliar with this exercise, the Tabata Method is a high intensity training protocol. This sport has many benefits for fitness and weight loss. It’s a mix between Cross Fit and circuit training.

The basis of Tabata is that you exercise for 20 seconds. The exercise performed must be quite intense and as hard as possible. Then you can rest for 10 seconds. This must be repeated 8 times.

Here’s a Great Tabata Routine

  • Sprint: sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds x 8 times
  • Combat rope: Rope for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds x 8 times

Tabata Body Weight• Push-Ups: 20 Seconds Push-Ups, 10 Seconds Rest x 8 Times

  • Squats: 20 seconds squats, 10 seconds rest x 8 times
  • Planks: 20 seconds planks, 10 seconds rest x 8 times
  • Pull -ups : 20 seconds of traction, 10 seconds of rest x 8 times

Tabata Dumbbells

  • Bicep curls: 20 seconds of bicep curl, 10 seconds of rest x 8 times
  • Chest: 20 seconds of bench press, 10 seconds of rest x 8 times
  • Triceps extension with dumbbell: 20 seconds of Triceps extension, 10 seconds of rest x 8 times.

Intense Swimming

You will burn 892 calories per hour! This seemingly effortless activity burns hundreds of calories, literally, without breaking a sweat. The many styles of swimming will help you achieve different types of aerobic exercise and provide a new challenge to master. One downside is that you must have access to the pool.

According to Swimming Experts: Improves Muscle Definition and Strength

  • Increases bone mass
  • Reduces inflammation
  • May improve exercise-induced asthma
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Can make you smarter

Please note: You only need to swim a few lengths in the pool every day. You will soon see a noticeable difference in your fitness level and waistline without damaging your knees or ankles.

Running Up Stairs

You will burn 819 calories per hour! The race is good, we all know that. But what about climbing stairs? According to experts, it’s much better and much more efficient at burning calories and staying slim. If you are an amateur runner or a competitor, it is even more important for you to do this activity.

According to Experts

The plyometric movement (going up the stairs) strengthens the muscles, heart and lungs for better running. Stairs force you to work against gravity, and this helps build two essential needs for runners: strength and power.

Climbing stairs is cardio exercise therefore it provides the same benefits as any other cardio exercise, so that you will lose weight and strengthen your heart and lungs as well. Remember that you only lose weight if you consume fewer calories. So remove salty or fatty foods from your dishes and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Vigorous Rowing

You will burn 810 calories per hour! According to experts, rowers are probably the most efficient exercise machines available on the market. Rowing gives you a full body workout and helps you burn a significant amount of calories. The more intense the rowing session, the more calories burned.

Aside from helping you burn calories, it also provides cardiovascular benefits, helps reduce stress, and helps tone your muscle.

Rowing Offers Benefits Like

  • Skips calories
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Boosts muscle strength and endurance
  • Rowing can be social
  • Rowers are relatively inexpensive

As you can see from the benefits listed, there is no excuse for not including rowing in your weekly exercise routine.


You will burn 769 calories per hour! There are many benefits to kickboxing. When you do this activity, you learn self defense, increase your level of fitness, and engage your whole body.

Kickboxing focuses on your body, arms and shoulders, legs and gluts. It also helps you increase endurance and it’s a great cardio workout that boosts your cardiovascular health.

Kickboxing Offers you

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Relieves stress and improves mental health
  • High calorie burn (saves time!)
  • Improves muscle coordination and balance
  • Tones the whole body

Plus, kickboxing increases your energy levels: Performing a high intensity boxing routine might seem like something that would tire you out, but many people find the opposite to be true. Kickboxing often gives people a boost of energy, not just because of natural endorphins, but also because of the stimulating nature of training. After the period of training and rest, your body will feel refreshed and energized.


Girl's playing basketball

You will burn 728 calories per hour! Basketball is a great activity that will help you burn fat, relax, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and build team spirit. In addition, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and more and more people are enjoying the sport as a favorite activity.

Basketball Offers the Following Advantages

  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Burns calories
  • Builds bone strength
  • Boosts immune system
  • Provides muscle training
  • Stimulates mental development
  • Develops better coordination and motor skills
  • Increases confidence

The many benefits of basketball are the perfect reason for you to grab a ball and start shooting for a basket. It can be played alone or with friends. No matter what you choose, you get a great workout. By making this sport an integral part of your routine, you will be sure to stay physically and mentally in good shape for many years to come.

Roller Skating

You will burn 683 calories per hour! Rollerblading is a great activity that will keep you motivated, healthy, fit and most importantly outdoors for sunbathing and producing vitamin D.

The Roller Skate Offers Advantages Such as

It is better aerobic training than cycling, but not as good as running. This is because it is easier to descend while cycling than while rollerblading.

Skaters can increase their aerobic training by skating harder or skating uphill.

  • Anaerobic, roller skating is more beneficial than running and cycling because it is primarily easier and more natural to build muscles in the hips and thighs that are not developed in the other two forms of exercise. Unlike cycling, roller skating develops hamstring muscles. And unlike running, roller skating is a low impact activity.
  • One study found that the sport builds muscles throughout the upper leg, back and hip, as well as the lower back. Muscles in the arms and shoulders are also developed when the arms are swung vigorously while skating.
person wearing a Roller Skating

High Impact Aerobics

You will burn 664 calories per hour! High impact aerobic exercise tends to burn more calories than low impact exercise. However, the chances of injury during the session or over time are higher than with low impact workouts.

High impact aerobic activities are best suited to people with an advanced level and can be daunting for beginners. To prevent overuse injuries from high impact activities, train through low impact activities and take a day off between vigorous workouts.

Is it bad for your joints? High-impact exercise strengthens the joints because it trains all the muscles around that joint to become stronger. For example, when you jump, you powerfully throw a plethora of muscles to launch yourself onto the ground. And when you land, those muscles need to contract eccentrically to cushion that impact.

Even though you can do low impact strength training, you won’t be able to exactly replicate that powerful blast or the same eccentric contractions that come with higher impact exercise.

List of the Best Sports for Burning Calories

  • Jump rope – 1,074 calories / hour
  • Taekwondo – 937 calories / hour
  • The Tabata method – 900 calories / hour
  • Vigorous swimming – 892 calories / hour
  • Cross-country skiing – 850 calories / hour
  • Running up stairs – 819 calories / hour
  • Vigorous rowing – 810 calories/hour
  • Kickboxing – 769 calories / hour
  • The game of basketball – 728 calories / hour
  • Elliptical trainer – 720 calories / hour
  • Rollerblading – 683 calories / hour
  • High impact aerobics – 664 calories / hour
  • Ice skating – 637 calories / hour
  • Running & Jogging – 555 calories / hour
  • Water skiing – 546 calories/hour
  • Light or moderate abdominal swimming – 528 calories / hour
  • Cycling – 508 calories / hour
  • Water aerobics – 501 calories/hour
  • Resistance training/weightlifting – 455 calories/hour
  • Low impact aerobics – 399 calories/hour
  • Walking at fast foot – 391 calories/hour
  • Dance – 370 calories/hour
  • Power yoga – 364 calories/hour
  • Volleyball – 364 calories/hour
  • Sex – 292 calories/hour
  • Bowling – 273 calories/hour
  • Walking – 167 calories/hour
The Top 10 Best Sports for Burning Calories and Losing Weight Fast
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