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Top 5 Flowers that can be Offered to God


Flowers have the power to remove all the toxic thoughts from the mind by their magical aroma. They represent and symbolize our true and pure emotions. Connect to our soul by relaxing down the nerves thus leading to inner peace. They can be used for various purposes due to their gorgeous and beautiful appearance and a secret message that they hide within them associated with our feelings. These pure blossoms are often used to offer to the god while worshipping mainly in Hindu culture.

You may have seen a lot of people doing the same and the major reason behind them to do this is so that they can show their pure devotion with them. Different deities are offered with different varieties of flowers depending upon the significance of those flowers associated with them.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best flowers that can be used for worship. You can go for the option of online flower delivery in Mumbai to get them easily.


These beautiful bright coloured blossoms are one of the most preferred flowers by the people during the worship as they are considered to be holy flowers. Their lovely colours such as white, orange, and yellow make them a good choice to be turned into garlands and offer to the god. They hold a high spiritual value and the pure devotion of the devotees. Also called by the name “herb of the sun”. They help us to be in touch with nature and also enhance the beauty of surroundings with their vibrant and energetic colours. They are believed to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite flowers.


It is believed that it is the favourite flower of Lord Shiva. If we consider the Vamana Purana, according to which when poison was drunk by Lord Shiva. This beautiful flower appeared on their chest and since then it is believed to be Lord Shiva’s favourite flower. These blossoms are used to offer to Lord Shiva to kill the poison of ego, jealousy, hatred, envy, etc during the Shiva pooja. The common name for these flowers is dhattura which is a Sanskrit word. The plants of these flowers are poisonous but some parts of them are used to make medicines in Ayurveda to cure the various diseases.


Despite being used for medicinal purposes these lovely fragrant flowers are also used for the offering to the god as they hold a great religious significance. These flowers represent purity and innocence and also have a very sweet and pleasing scent that calms down the mind and relaxes the nerves. Most commonly these flowers are used to please the lord hanuman. They can also be used to decorate the surroundings where the pooja is going to happen. One can also turn them into beautiful garlands that will look very gracious and pretty.



These beautiful flowers are believed to bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity. They are associated with the goddess Laxmi. The goddess Laxmi can be seen sitting on the lotus flower. Hence it is offered as a seat to them which brings good fortune. They are the symbol of rebirth, enlightenment, purity, and self-regeneration.. They transmit a powerful message in the universe with their pure meanings and beautiful appearance. The Hindi word for these lovely flower is “Kamal”.


These flowers are associated with the goddess Saraswati. These flowers look like Agni and are one of the favourite flower of our goddess of knowledge. Although, one can offer white flower too to the goddess due to their love. Colour which indicates purity and innocence. Saraswati Mata can be seen sitting on the white lotus wearing a white saree which indicates their love for this pure colour. Palash flower are considered to be a very important part of Saraswati pooja due to the fondness for them by the goddess. So, order flowers online and show your devotion to god.

We hope that you got to know the significance of flower and understood their spiritual meaning. So, next time whenever you send flowers online to anyone, always remember the spiritual meaning.

Top 5 Flowers that can be Offered to God
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