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Basic Information About the Persian Cat Breed

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When it comes to buying a cat, there are endless choices available to the owners. However, Persian cats are the premium choices for the cat lovers. This distinct breed holds a great place in terms of royalty. The amazing coats and the looks make Persian cats a royal feline for the owners.

Persian cats are pretty gorgeous along with tends to be a perfect one as they are mostly indoor cats. These cats are quiet in nature and have a cute voice making it a good choice for your family. Even if you have kids at your place, these cats make a good companion for families. Moreover due to the availability of affordable Persian cat price in Mumbai, now you can easily buy one.

However, before you purchase it, you need to make sure that you have the time and money to take proper care of these cats. As they have long cats, you need to pay more attention to this breed compared to others.

How to Take Care of Persian Cats?

You need to do a lot of work for these Persian cats.

These cats have beautiful thick coats which makes it a great choice for the cat lovers. However, they lack energy and hence they require a serene and secure home. If you are buying these cats, you certainly need to make sure that you have designated a portion of your room or house where they can stay peacefully.

As per VetStreet.com, “there is a need for the owners to understand that Persian cat breed requires daily bathing to ensure a sweet smell and ensure cleanliness. Make sure you get these kittens or cats when you take them to your home as it will make them easy to accept the reality. Blow-dry the cats to keep them clean and dry.”

When it comes to health issues, you should know that Persian cats generally have the health issues which are one of the prime concerns. Some of the most common health issues that can be seen in these kittens include cystitis, polycystic kidney disease, bladder stones, and liver shunts.

This is the reason why while you are purchasing a Persian cat, you need to check the health of the kittens. So let us make a quick discussion of the things to check while buying Persian kittens.

Things to Check in Persian Cats While Buying: 

Cute Cat

Check the Health of the Kitten

The very first thing that you need to do is to check the health of the kittens. Make sure that the health of the kittens is stable before you plan to buy it. Do not buy if the cat seems to be very quiet and do not play around or mingle. If the cat mingles with everyone, they are a great choice. This is an indication of an unhealthy cat.

Therefore make sure you check them one before you plan to buy a kitten. Visit the breeder and meet in person to know about health.

Check their Mother

The very next thing that you need to do is to check whether the mother of the kittens is in good health condition. Do you know why? The reason is if the mother of the kitten has some health problems, the chances are way much higher than the kitten will get that from their mother.

Only if the mother is not having any problem, it can be a great choice to buy. Ask the breeder about the mother to get complete information.

Check if they Offer Health Certificate

This is something that the breeder would provide. When the breeder offers a health certificate, it means that there is an assurance. Health certificate shows that the cat does not have any disease along with the mother does not have any health issues.

Basic Information About the Persian Cat Breed
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