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A Guide for a Good Tyre Purchase

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Tyres are an expensive investment for every vehicle. It is something that cannot be ignored and also something that can go wrong at any time. That is why we need to follow some basic rules that can save many from getting into trouble and making the wrong choice.

You need to take care of certain things that are important and extremely necessary when it comes to buying Car tyres. We have listed some of those necessary things here. So, if you are planning to buy a set or even a single tyre then these shall help you decide correctly which one to buy and which one should be rejected.

The first thing is to choose whether to get a tubed tyre or a tubeless tyre. Experience shall always support the latest tubeless tyres which are much more dependable and safer. Moreover, these tubeless tyres can be fitted with alloy wheels as well as the steel wheels. They have the rust-free feature too which attracts more people.

Next is the tyre size guide which needs to be followed. This requires special attention as one mistake can become a big issue. But for this, you need to know how to read a tyre size. Usually, you will find them on the sidewall of the tyre something like 194/55R 16 88V. Here, 194 is the tyre tread width in mm, 55 is the tread width percentage that is used in making the sidewall height. R indicates the radial construction, 16 is the wheel diameter in inches and lastly, 87V is the tyre load index in respect to its speed rating (V). Make sure the size matches your vehicle’s requirement.

The next important factor is the right tread pattern. Tread patterns can affect your overall driving experience to a lot degree. Have you heard of hydroplaning? It is a very dangerous driving situation that is taken care of by the treads of the tyres. There are largely three kinds of treads, the conventional, uni-directional and asymmetric. It is good to have a little information about the types so that you can choose better.

  • Conventional treads are the ones that have been in use for a long time now and it has many reasons for that. Since it has no specific direction, it can be fitted in any direction without a problem. This also makes less noise for the same cause and it can be used on any kind of surface.
  • Uni-directional treads are useful too but it needs to be rotated in a proper direction only. This helps it to last long and perform well. To avoid confusion, the manufacturers indicate the correct direction using an arrow on the sidewall.
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  • Asymmetric treads are unique and have two types of the sidewall. One is the outer sidewall which faces the road while the inner sidewall faces the car. Usually, no confusion takes place as which one is meant to be where is indicated clearly on the tyres and so fitting is not a problem. These treads are preferred for high speeding cars as they give amazing cornering.

The rubber which is used in making the tyre plays a vital role in the overall performance of a tyre. So, it is better to check the quality of the rubber of the tyre before purchase. A good quality shall allow the tyre to have a high speed rating and optimum traction too.

Tyre quality also depends on the manufacturer. A good brand will always deliver standard to high performing tyres without any doubt as they invest a lot on the research and development and uses quality products in production. So, choose a good brand for a doubtless purchase.

A Guide for a Good Tyre Purchase
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