Author: Uzair bin Nadeem

Stack That Bread: 5 Ways to Make Extra Money Today

Did you know one in four people in the U.S. plan to start a side hustle this year? Are you looking for ways to make extra money? This guide will offer some ideas you might be interested in. Keep reading to learn what they are. 1. Become an Online Tutor If you want to make […]

A Quick Guide to the Best iCloud Management Tips

Regardless of the storage space on your iPhone, most of us are familiar with the headache of running out of room. That’s where Apple’s free storage comes in: when you set up iCloud, you get an additional 5GB of free storage. This sounds like a lot, of course—until you’ve filled it up! When you need […]

How to Start Your Own Commercial Truck Service

In the United States alone, the trucking industry brings in over $700 billion and is responsible for nearly 6% of all full-time jobs. So, if you’re thinking about starting a commercial truck service, there’s never been a better time to do so. But, how do you go about starting a commercial truck company that is […]

The Average Cost to Rent a Car: A Complete Guide

Taking the time to rent a vehicle can help you in your travels. Whether you are hitting the road for business or personal reasons, not having to use your own vehicle provides an inexpensive way to keep miles off your automobile, while getting excellent performance from a rental. But you might be wondering, how much […]

Keeping It Fast and Furious: Shopping For Performance Car Parts

In the United States, driving a car is a symbol of freedom and pride. Public transportation is often shunned in favor of driving a personal vehicle instead. With an estimated 287 million registered vehicles in the US, the market for replacement and aftermarket performance car parts has exploded! It’s hard to know which parts to […]

What is Ion Exchange?

The American people are buying more bottled water than ever before, and are safety-conscious when it comes to the quality of the water they consume. Ion exchange technology is used widely in various forms of water treatment and purification systems. The basics of this method also have application in the metals industry, with pharmaceuticals, as […]

What Should I Do in the Event of an IRS Tax Audit?

Audit—it’s one word that sends shivers down the spine of any taxpayer. However, the good news is that your odds of being audited are extremely low, with only .60% of individual returns being audited. But what happens if you are audited? Don’t worry, it won’t be that bad! Often, audits are routine checks and don’t […]

The Benefits of Augmented Reality for Your Company

Many don’t realize the power and benefits of augmented reality. It’s more than fun tech for your smartphone. In fact, augmented reality creates a powerful interactive environment in the real world. That’s why businesses are interested in augmented reality. Here’s what augmented reality is, and how it can benefit your business. What Is Augmented Reality? […]

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