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Star-Lord: Beyond a Galaxy’s Savior

Who wouldn’t want a savior if he is Chris Pratt? Sassy and witty, Chris brings the famous comic almost-thief character, Peter Quill to life on screens. With every new installment of the Marvel franchise, he proved that there is no one better to portray this mind-blowing character. He brings charm and charisma to a typical […]

Tucker Carlson’s Wife Heiress Net Worth 

Tucker Carlson, the charismatic host of Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” is not only a prominent figure in the realm of political commentary but is also connected to significant wealth through his marriage to an heiress. The financial landscape surrounding Carlson and his wife raises intriguing questions about their combined net worth. In this exploration, […]

Most Popular Female Artist on Spotify

Currently, it is difficult to find someone who does not know what Spotify is. For those who do not know very well what it is, I will quickly tell you some interesting information. Spotify is the world’s leading streaming music company, with 96 million Premium subscribers, almost double that of Apple Music, its main competitor. […]

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