Best Crossbow Enchantments

Minecraft is one of the best games that enable players of all kinds to interact and enjoy the game. It is equally engaging for both children and adults. Multiple tools in the game, like crossbows, blocks, smokers, etc., let players build and live in a land of their own. While blocks are used in construction, […]

How Tall is Shahrukh Khan

When everyone thought Shahrukh Khan did not stand a chance in the Bollywood industry because of his height, he became the King Khan of Bollywood! Shahrukh Khan is among the most shot-heightened actors in Bollywood. Yet, it could not stop him from being popular globally. Besides his net worth and family, people are quite eager […]

How Tall Is Kendrick Lamar

Everyone was surprised to see the difference between Kendrick Lamar and Usain Bolt’s height when their picture circulated on the internet. Usain evidently looks too tall in front of Kendrick. The height difference seems to be more than what many people thought. Many people also believe that he is among the most short-sighted rappers. At […]

How to Make a Trapdoor In Minecraft

Trapdoors are solid blocks that you can open upward or downward according to their placement. Trapdoors are typically used as an entranceway. They are also utilized for making elevators, staircases, drawbridges, and sewer systems in Minecraft. You can also smelt them to turn them into fuel if they are not useful. Minecraft has various kinds […]

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