What to Know About Paying Child Support

Going through a divorce comes with several different burdens and complications. This is especially the case when there is a child involved. When parents divorce the child is inevitably going to be part of the process. Custody matters, visitation rights, and many other issues related to the child are always factored into a divorce proceeding. […]

How to Hire the Best Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In 2019, speeding contributed to almost 50% of crashes. Lately, the authorities have been cracking down on speeding and find themselves issuing more and more tickets. Yet, many of us speed at one point or another — whether we’re late for work or just impatient about the traffic. If you’ve ended up with a speeding […]

What Does the Divorce Process Actually Look Like in Practice?

Have you started to think things might be better apart than together? Getting a divorce today is nothing to feel embarrassed about and is common for a lot of people. Whether two people grow apart, get married without knowing certain things, or many other reasons, a divorce may be the next best step. But before […]

Tips for Handling Legal Documents

Did you know that more than a third of small businesses in the United States require employees to sign non-disclosure agreements? Non-disclosure agreements are a common legal document that business owners work with, but there are many others. If you want to get prepared for handling these important documents, there are a few things you […]

What Are the Different Types of Lawyers That Currently Practice Today?

Did you know that there are 1.3 million practicing lawyers in the USA? There are plenty of lawyers to go around whether you’ve already landed yourself in a legal situation or you’re seeking advice to prevent one. However, don’t make the mistake of hiring a general lawyer for a complex case. There are many different […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SSI Disability Lawyer

The Americans With Disabilities act is now thirty-one years old! Are you in need of the benefits that it offers and are thinking about hiring a disabilities lawyer? If you need an SSI disability lawyer you may be wondering exactly how you should go about hiring one and what criteria you should use for selecting […]

How Do I Hire the Best Elder Law Attorney in My Local Area?

An elder law attorney is invaluable to the rapidly increasing population of individuals 65 and older. As current numbers stand, more than 52 million in the United States are living well past the age of retirement. But the word “retirement” brings with it a new set of challenges, including talk of Medicare/Medicaid, retirement plan withdrawals, […]

A Quick Guide on the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Did you know that injuries claim over four million lives worldwide every year? That’s on top of the tens of millions of other people who sustain non-fatal injuries. Many of those incidents, in turn, are unintentional. However, them being accidental doesn’t mean they’re not preventable. The good news is that personal injury laws exist to […]

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