Quality Education is the Prime Objective of Parents for the Better Future of Children

A universal quote for the power of education is, if knowledge will be applied, it will prove its worth. In ancient Greece there ware an ethnic society of Spartans, their school of thought said power has the only source that is the muscle, but history proved strength has different sources and the prime source is […]

Planning A Family Getaway After COVID-19? 8 Things Every Responsible Parent Should Do

Planning to travel with your kids today in the middle of a pandemic? One piece of advice: Don’t. Just don’t do it. Trust us – your trip to Disneyland with your precious little ones isn’t worth the risk. What you can do, however, is to wait patiently for things to get a little better before […]

How Spy on Phone Protect Your Kids from COVID 19?

These days, due to global pandemic COVID 19, most people are stuck at home. It is likely that both adults and kids are spending more time on the internet because everything has shifted online.  Adults are using it to connect with their friends, relatives, and office associates. On the other hand, kids use it to […]

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