What is Model Registry in Machine Learning?

A model registry is a kind of repository that is used to both store and train machine learning models. In the procedure of ML model monitoring, model registries can simplify the work of tracking the machine learning models when those models move through the lifecycle of machine learning. This includes the journey from training to […]

How does SD-WAN as a service and managed SD-WAN differ?

If your company is thinking about making modifications to its SD-WAN structure, you’ll need to choose between SD-WAN provider and SD-WAN-as-a-Service solutions. Here, we have explained how SD-WAN and SD-WAN as a service differ. Though they may appear to be comparable at first glance, they differ significantly in areas like maintenance, debugging, and support. Here […]

Guide to Digital Data Collection

Data is regarded as a goldmine for businesses today. The more data businesses have about their customers, the more advantageous it is for them. A good amount of data about the customers helps the industry understand their customers’ requirements. This better clarity will allow businesses to meet all the expectations the customers have and might […]

What Is Dark Fiber? A Look at America’s Untapped Data Potential

America has thousands of miles of dark fiber all over the country. Companies rushed to lay down as much fiber as they could in hopes of cornering the market. Now, decades later, all this fiber sits there waiting for someone to take advantage of it. What is dark fiber and how can you use it? […]

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