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We allow publishing you article on our site with dofollow links under requirements and terms. All articles/accounts will be deleted in editorial review if you don’t follow these.

Content Requirement

  1. The article must be 600+ words
  2. You are allowed to add only one link per article to your site.
  3. Must add 1-3 related internal links (our site) in your article.
  4. Copy Pasted / Plagiarized or robot written article will be rejected
  5. We only accept niches that have a category on the menu
  6. We strictly don’t allow porn, vape, drugs, weapon, casino, banking (loan/credit card) or any niche that is against google webmaster policy
  7. Use heading and bullets where required
  8. We’ll check your content. Your account will be restricted if we find it plagiarized / tool written
  9. Don’t make a link in first two paragraphs

Image Requirement

  1. Must add at least one featured image and one image within article. You can take images from pixabay, pexels, unsplash
  2. Images with any markup, or having any company/website name will be deleted along with article
  3. Image should be a minimum of 800*600 pixels

Account requirement

  1. Accounts with any kind of company name will be deleted. Only use real human name
  2. You must fill your author bio. No promotional author bio and no link in author bio
  3. You must add minimum 1 social media link in your author bio (matching your author account name).
  4. You must attach your author image in author account
  5. Must use email address where we can reach you for any reason (no fake/temporary email address or email addresses you don’t use)

Publishing requirements

  1. Initially, we’ll approve your article after editorial review. Once our editor keep trusting you, you’ll be granted with author access and publish without review
  2. Do not publish previously published topic. There is no need to publish similar topics multiple times
  3. Use proper category and related tags
  4. Must write a meta description for your article
  5. No promotional article like a Press release or Advertisement
  6. Only make article relevant links.

Approval Process

  1. We get many submissions on daily basis and it takes time to review each. It can take 3-7 days

Other Terms

Currently we are giving author accounts for limited time. You can publish your article without review but we’ll keep monitoring every author. We’ll restrict your account permanently if anyone violates any term

By registering, you give us complete right to edit/modify/reject/approve your content

All authors are bound to publish minimum 1 article per week. Our team will permanently restrict your access if you don’t publish minimum 1 article in a week

Register your account here. Your access will be restricted if you don’t follow rules.

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