How to Save Money on Your Next Costume Party

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Fancy dress costume parties are fun for every member of the family, and unlike what the name suggests, these parties are year-round events! Most costume parties with a dress-up theme tend to be geared toward children, but parents and other adults usually want to get involved, too. Below, we have compiled some of the best ways to help cut the costs of hosting such an event.

Use Old Costumes

Reuse and recycle old clothing to turn into a new costume, or if you have children of different ages, consider making alterations to existing costumes. This may not always work for growing kids, but for adults, it can save a lot of money! Though costumes may be outgrown, accessories are fairly easy to recycle for a new getup. For example, the accessories from an old Star Wars costume can work well for a different theme such as pirate or robot.

Organize a Friendly Swap

Have friends and family members with kids of similar ages? If so, organize a costume swap where everyone brings their outgrown garments for a fun exchange! Though this is something parents do for outgrown clothing, it can extend to fancy dress costumes as well. Plus, you can turn the swap into an event itself!

Purchase Online

If you prefer to purchase a new costume for your child, you can save money by opting to purchase from an online retailer. Internet merchants are able to extend better savings as they have fewer overhead costs, and they allow you to purchase costumes off-season (outside of Halloween). Plus, the discounts and online reviews allow you to gauge whether you’re getting a fair deal from the company. Browsing online stores can also help get your creative juices flowing if you’re unsure of what you hope to buy for your child. This toy ninja sword with lights and sound is sure to be a hit.

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Websites such as Poshmark and eBay are also safe bets because you can purchase affordable second hand costumes. Even if an outfit requires a bit of TLC, you can alter it in any way you see fit and customize it just enough to fit your child. For a more localized approach, consider Facebook Marketplace!

Buy End-of-Season

The day after Halloween, all costumes tend to go deeply on sale, which means it’s the perfect opportunity for you to add to your stash without breaking the bank. Shopping for costumes past or well before Halloween opens up the possibility of getting a steep discount because it’s out of season. Make it a point to also use social media in your search because you can find better sales and discount companies this way.

Take a DIY Approach

A DIY approach is the best way to reduce the overhead costs of creating a new costume. Even if you’re not an advanced seamstress or lack creativity, you can still get a hold of a large number of novice patterns online on websites such as Pinterest. You can also purchase affordable patterns directly from artists on Etsy based on the level of skill you do have.

How to Save Money on Your Next Costume Party

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