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Which Style of Skirting are You Searching for?

Type of Skirting

Wood skirting is another popular material used for exterior doors. You can choose from wooden, metal, and even synthetic skirting. The choice is yours but knowing the differences will help you make a good decision when shopping.

Wood skirting comes in a variety of woods and is very durable. However, its natural beauty and textures make it the preferred choice for many homeowners. All skirting has a variety of benefits including aesthetic appeal, durability, and practicality.

Wood skirting is made from a natural product that is harvested and processed from trees. It is much denser than vinyl and has a high R-value. Wood skirting is resistant to rotting, warping, and chipping. The density also allows for better air circulation, which allows for better insulation and less energy usage.

Wood skirting is also very easy to stain. You can have your whole house interior turned into a warm and inviting look with just a few paint colors. You can even paint stained wood skirting and leave it as-is or even color it with some of your favorite colors.

For Patios and Decks

Wooden skirting also is great for patios and decks. It is extremely easy to install, and very versatile. Most wood skirting is designed to be installed on wooden slabs that are kept dry during winter months.

Steel skirting is becoming more popular in some areas of the country. It’s available in various sizes and thicknesses. Steel skirting is available in different types of colors and from different manufacturers.

Aluminum Skirting

Aluminum skirting is being replaced by stainless steel and other materials. A majority of skirting has been painted with a lacquer coating and insulated with polyurethane foam. It will hold heat very well and is perfect for exterior doors and patio doors.

man replace the Skirting

For custom-built homes, skirting is often used for doors. They are designed specifically for use on doors so that the customer can get the most out of their investment. There are several types of skirting materials that are used indoors including synthetic, wood, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Skirting is used extensively in shingles and stone. It is also used in balustrades and window sills. Whether you want to upgrade the beauty of your home or improve its durability it, you can find it with skirting.


Wood skirting and wood siding are both types of treated lumber. The wood skirting is treated with chemical compounds to keep the wood from rotting and drying out. You can also find wood siding treated with a compound that makes it weatherproof and water-resistant.

Meta Skirting

Metal skirting is also made from hardwood. It is treated with chemicals to protect the wood and to make it more durable. Metal skirting comes in various thicknesses and can be installed in any climate.

Plastic Skirting

Plastic skirting is made from polyethylene that is used in interiors. It is available in varying thicknesses. Plastic skirting is one of the most durable types of skirting. It can be used on wooden doors and on top of steel doors.

Which Style of Skirting are You Searching for?

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