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Different Keywords you Need to Monitor for Online Reputation

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Keywords have a specific weightage in digital marketing. From content creation to website development, keywords are very important. And you will be surprised to hear that keywords are also responsible for building online brand reputation.

The right keywords have the power to rank your company higher and increase business revenue. Likewise, the inclusion of inaccurate, irrelevant keywords in content can reverse your business.

This is why professionals in a reputation management agency conduct keyword research at an early stage of their process.

Here we have listed different types of keywords, which require special attention.

Different Types of Keywords you Should Monitor

Brand-Related Keywords

No need to work hard to keep track of your brand name. You can simply type the name and get a list of relevant results for your searches. But what is difficult is that someone misrepresents your name.

Set up an alert using brand mention tools with different variations of your name. Include your brand name with some common misspellings and variations. For example, if it is Kellogg, then use names like Kellogg’s, Kellogg’s, Kellogg’s, Kellogg’s, etc., this increases your chances of your brand appearing online and reaching your brand.

Product or Service-Related Keywords

Your next step will be to research keywords related to products or services on the web. With a wide range of products and services, every business wants to market each product online.

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To understand if products or services are going well and whether customers are experiencing well, you should monitor different social media platforms and review sites. Customers use these sites to mention the name of the product or service along with the hashtag.

To manage your brand reputation, you should also keep an eye on these keywords.

Campaign-Related Keywords

Online advertising campaigns are very common nowadays. Marketers use this technology to advertise their brand and promote their services and products. However, to start a successful campaign it is necessary to use appropriate keywords in high demand.

Campaign keywords later help the business identify what people think of the campaign and the audience response. Many times people use campaign keywords with hashtags and create content related to it.

Monitoring these keywords, you will thus have a holistic view of the impact of the campaign on the audience and design the future.

Competitor-Related Keywords

Market research is required when you bring your business online and compete with existing marketers in the same field.

Market research gives you an idea about the keywords commonly used by competitors for marketing your products. By placing these competitor-related keywords, you get an overview of your competitor’s business.
After getting information about their business, you come to the campaigns they use, the trends they follow and many other important things that can affect your business. Research the market deeper and track those competitive-related keywords to gain a better understanding.

Industry-Based Keywords

Your industry is your base. You have to follow what you need to follow your industry. Monitoring industry-based keywords give you an idea about new trends and techniques developing in the market and marketing opportunities. This, no doubt, helps you to build a strong brand reputation in your own field.

In Digital marketing services, it is very important to folow marketing trends and adopt the advanced strategy. And when you keep track of the keywords related to the industry, you are successful in getting all these.


Thus the keywords are a game-changer. Adding the right keywords to the content can just cause an explosion when adding some wrong negative keywords, reducing the value of the content in a second. This is a keyword capability.

From social media to online advertising campaigns to the support of the affected, keywords play a major role. But the game will be yours only when you use the right keywords.

Are you ready to create a new site? Are you preparing to repair your damaged reputation? Do not waste any time and do extensive research on various keywords mentioned above. Monitor their fluctuations and adapt them wisely.

Different Keywords you Need to Monitor for Online Reputation

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