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Major PPC Trends to Rule in 2020

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In the highly competitive digital world, there is a huge competition for the business to stand out in the list of Google’s top searches. As we are moving forward to digitalization, every year we experience major changes made by Google. Sometimes back, Google Adwords was renamed as Google Ads with a restructured interface and variant of new features of smart advertising. Thus, we need to look forward to more of such advanced features that will be made in the coming years.

Here we have mentioned some of the major PPC trends that you must look forward to in order to enhance your sales and generate leads into your business.

More Focused on the Audience than Keywords

The advertisers are shifting their focus from keywords to that of the audiences so that they can target what is searched more by the audiences. It helps the businesses to know what the audience prefers more and according to their preferences; the businesses can target them.

Video Marketing

Today, nearly half of the population prefers to watch videos rather than reading. Thus, this is one of the major trends in PPC advertising which is gradually increasing. Video ads help businesses to be more artistic, and appealing, and consist of low-cost advertising. Videos are becoming the top content providers and helping businesses to attract more of the target audience.

PPC Automation and AI

This is one of the major trends which business will and is experiencing in today’s time. However, the concept is not fully new but the use of AI in this process is more established than ever before. The Machine Learning (ML) accuracy is continuously being upgraded and its availability is getting better. This is why many PPC Consultancy in Mississauga suggest this trend to their clients in order to help their business to elevate.

Voice Search

People now tend to use more voice searches than typing the whole sentence. In recent years, we have seen a great increase in voice searches which has not only helps the audience but has also helped the businesses to make their content more conversational.

Visual Search

Along with the voice search, people now are more into visual search. Although this has not evolved fully, as time is passing by, we will see more of the audience being influenced by the visual search services. In order to do a visual search, as a marketer, you need to build a catalog of images with meta descriptions so that they can be easily predicted by the search engines.


This is a type of marketing strategy in which businesses target those customers who have already visited the websites before. This allows quick clicks and conversion rates. In this method, your business tends to focus on those audiences and bringing them back; who have earlier shifted from your website. It is believed that the audience is everything for the businesses thus, it’s high time to focus on remarketing the audience who have not converted into potential buyers for your business.


The ultimate goal of every business in today’s era is to enhance its online presence which helps the website to go beyond the set limits. No doubt, that the competition in the online market is increasing with each passing day, and businesses should leg up and convert their visitors into potential customers. You need to dwell on active campaigns and strategies in order to reach out to your target audience. Having a good SEO ranking is not just sufficient if you want to increase your online presence; you also need to induce significant PPC campaigns.

As a business owner, it is important to notice all the events that are taking place so that you know, what strategies you need to plan and what all you need to improve and implement for your business.

Major PPC Trends to Rule in 2020

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