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How to Clean and Polish Black Slate?

Clean and Polish Black Slate

Slate is a well-reputed stone for tiles and floor especially at the commercial place due to its resistant properties. These stones are available in numbers of types such as colour, texture and design. No doubt, slate has resistant against dust, dirt and stains but slate cleaningis also necessary to keep it in natural texture and long-lasting form.

However, it’s easier to maintain and clean the slate tiles as compared to other tiles and floors. On the other hand, there are numbers of cleaning and shining products are available in the market to clean and sparkle these tiles.

The best thing is, you can maintain the cleaning level of these tiles easily and economically. Slate tiles are based on natural stone with high durability. So, you can maintain the cleaning requirements of these tiles easily just by choosing the right cleaning method and products to clean the slate floor.

You can get these tiles in numbers of colours and textures to add sparkle and attractive appearance to your floor. On the other hand, you can reduce the dullness of slate tiles with the help of the right cleaning products and by avoiding the wax products for it.

That’s why it’s better to treat this floor with the help of acrylic sealer with high durability.

How to Maintain the Color of Slate Floor?

Mostly, slate tiles come in grey shades. However, there are also more shades available in the market such as blue, pink, brown and white. So, appropriate cleaning is necessary to maintain the color and durability of these tiles.

Because heavy foot traffic can make the appearance of the tile dull and less attractive over time. Therefore, it’s better to do regular slate cleaning to keep the surface bright. Moreover, cleaning is necessary to restore the colour and brightness of these tiles.

No doubt, if you are doing the regular cleaning but the colour of the tiles become dull over time. Therefore, deep and professional cleaning is essential to restore the natural beauty of these tiles. For this, you need to use natural minerals and shiners to keep the slate flooring clean.

On the other hand, if you are using the chemicals and bleaching products to clean the floor then it’ll build-up on the tiles over time and reduce the shine and colour of the floor. So, professional cleaning is required to keep the floor free from build-up and grime on it.

How to Clean and Seal Slate Tiles?

Professional cleaning is required to restore the tiles from dirt, dust and stains over it. For this, you need to wipe out or mop the surface appropriately to remove all the debris and dust on the tiles. After this, use a professional and mild slate cleaning product for mopping the floor.

It’ll help to remove all the dust and residue on the floor by leaving a natural shine on these natural stones. On the other hand, you need to do the time by time refurnishing of slate flooring for better appearance.

black slate tiles

Keep in mind, sealing after a professional cleaning is necessary for the extensive protection of tiles and floor from water and moisture. Because moisture is the main reason behind mold and grime on the tiles.
On the other hand, sealant helps to resist the hard stains with a better finishing look of the floor. For this, you need to choose the grout based on the specification of natural stones and tiles to get efficient results for the slate floor.

You can apply the sealer with the help of a brush on small areas or a sponge on the large areas. Once the sealant has dried, you can add up another coating also for complete protection.

How to Enhance the Natural Color of Slate Tiles?

There are numbers of maintenance and enhancer products are available in the market to restore the natural color of tiles. It’ll help to enhance the overall look of the tiles with better and effective shine and colour of stones.

Try to use the enhancer on the natural tiles accordingly product’s instructions and guidelines for better application. However, you can apply these products with the help of cloth as well as a brush. After applying the shiner and enhancer, let the floor dry completely for better results. Otherwise, foo

How to Clean and Polish Black Slate?

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