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Encountered a 0xc00000d Error: Windows Start-Up Failure

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Has your PC suddenly ran into an error showing: “Your PC needs to be Repaired 0xc00000d”. Ah! Windows, that’s the biggest problem with it, always catching up viruses and running on to errors. Many people have already complained about this unusual error before and said that they just can’t find a way out.

So if you too have got this message with error code 0xc00000d on your screen, then don’t worry, you are not alone, there are many other people like you, and so for this reason, we thought it would be better to provide you with the solution to this problem.

Though 0xc00000d error is slightly different from the others. But of course, there is a solution. In fact, there is no possible problem in the world that does not have its solution along with it, and so does this one.

In this article, I’m gonna tell you everything that you need to know about 0xc00000d error code such as the causes and methods of fixing it. So stick with us till the end so that you can again run your computer like you used to do.

The Reason Behind 0xc00000

Now before moving on directly to the fixing of this problem, you must first know the root behind it. Without knowing about what made your computer act like this way, you will never be able to fix it. So it’s better to have a little bit of knowledge about the disease before you start the treatment.

Now, these types of errors are called the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in the language of the computer. Generally, the reason behind the errors like BSOD is a corrupt driver. However, the other reasons behind it can also be an incomplete installation of windows, system failure, or incorrect settings BIOS. So whenever you encounter this message, then the reasons would be any of the above,

Methods of Fixing 0xc00000d

Now as you have come to know about the origin of the virus, it is now time to share with you the top-secret information. Methods of fixing the error 0xc00000d. So, let’s begin.

System Restore

Of course, the first way is to simply restore your system. Don’t worry, it won’t let you lose your important documents and information.

Now while following this method, you have to be wary and sharp-eyed. Because you will need to find out the safe mode before the error shows up. So to begin with this method follow these simple steps.

Step 1

First of all, power off your PC, and then after a few minutes push the power button to turn it on.

Step 2

Once the PC has started, look for the safe mode before the error appears. The safe mode allows you access to specific and limited files and drives.

Step 3

Now, when you have successfully navigated the safe mode, go to the start-up menu and type system restore.

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Step 4

Once the option appears, hit the enter key.

Step 5

Wait for the process to complete, and once it has, now reboot your system.

Hope doing this will help fix the problem. But if it doesn’t, then don’t worry, we have still got another method left, so don’t loose on hope.

Recovery Drive

The second easiest and the most used method of fixing this error is by creating a Recovery Drive. With the help of Recovery Drive, the computer will return to its default setting, thus fixing the error. However, if the error has still not been fixed, then try seeking the help of a computer expert. He will surely know better.

Encountered a 0xc00000d Error: Windows Start-Up Failure

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