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Addressing Tooth Gaps: Nashville Dentists’ Expertise

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You must have noticed that many people have gaps in their teeth. Dentists give many reasons for its occurrence. At times people have a deformity in their bone structure and others have it because of some bad habit.

Medical Name for Teeth Gaps

When you visit your Dentist In Nashville; he or she will give you are a specific name for the problem of gaps in the teeth. The name given to this is Diastema and can happen to any of the teeth in the mouth.

Dental Issues Associated with Gaps in Teeth

The dentists have to be aware of the important below-mentioned problems that are associated with gaps in the teeth as it will make it easy to treat the issues.

Unable to Chew Properly

Biting is the first step in the chewing process; either a large portion of food will bite off or very small. Also chewing will become difficult; resulting into digestion problems.

Overall Appearance is Affected

You must have observed that people don’t smile much. One of the main reasons is that gaps in the front teeth can affect the beautiful smile. This can decrease the confidence of people.

Food is Stuck in-Between

A big problem that patients face when having gaps in the teeth is that large food particles get stuck in them. This can create further dental issues leading to loss of teeth.

Gum Diseases and Tooth Decay

When the food that is stuck in the teeth gaps are not cleaned or removed properly; various gum diseases develop that can also lead to tooth decay and teeth loss.

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Misalignment of the Jaw

According to several dentists at clinics including Dillard Dental Services; if the jaw is not in the right position it can be the cause of gaps in teeth. This can lead to several other issues including bad bite.

Dentists in Nashville must know the Reasons

On many occasions, the physical structure of the bones can be the cause of the gaps. But it is important the dentists know the right reasons so that the proper diagnosis can be made.

The Root of Teeth are Misaligned

At times the roots of the teeth can be naturally misaligned; thus when teeth grow they are misaligned causing gaps in between the teeth. The angles of the teeth are not straightas suggested by expert Dentist In Nashville.

The Difference in Sizes of Teeth Set

All of the teeth in the set of teeth have to be in pairs and these pairs have to be of the same size. Any change in the size of the teeth will affect the gaps.

Face Bone Structure

A lot of times the patient has a very different face structure and this affects the teeth growth and alignment. This problem has to be solved before the permanent teeth come out.

Thumb Sucking

A major reason for the gaps in teeth is the thumb sucking habit of small children. This has great consequences over the permanent set of teeth.

Braces are not Appropriate

The Dentist In Nashville have explained that sometimes the braces and other treatment tools are not fixed properly; so the teeth can never be straight and gaps can occur.

Addressing Tooth Gaps: Nashville Dentists’ Expertise

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