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Easy Ways to Improve Sleeping Pattern During Lockdown

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Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted people’s daily routines. You might be working from home and working extra hours. Also, in your spare time, you might be stressing out about several things instead of relaxing. This is because staying indoors for a long period of time can significantly affect the mental health and sleeping cycle.

So, chances are you might be sleeping too much or too less. But before discussing how you can set your sleeping schedule right, it is important to understand how the lockdown has impacted our sleep cycle.

How Lockdown has Impacted your Sleep

The lockdown has forced you to manage all of your activities from home. You might have a great Internet plan like Cox Essential package at home to manage your remote work and stay entertained. But you might end up overusing your Internet connection and getting stressed. This might easily disturb your sleep cycle.

Also, there are many distractions at home. So, you might not be able to focus on your work easily. Working more than the usual number of hours can add to the stress. Also, poor diet and lack of exercise can also create trouble for you in falling asleep.

You Might be Sleeping more than Usual

You might also be getting more sleep. This is because you might have already started getting bored with the stream services/TV. So, in your spare time, you might actually prefer to fall asleep. But sleeping more than the normal number of hours is not a good thing either.

This is because you might not be following a schedule. If you are falling asleep at 4.a.m daily, then no matter how much you sleep, you’ll feel tired the next day. Also, following a poor diet plan and not engaging in healthy activities will only disturb your sleeping pattern further.

What can you do About it?

So, now that you’ve understood the problem, it is time to discuss the solutions. There are several ways in which you can achieve a better sleeping cycle. Some of the best ones are:

Set up a Schedule

The first step to achieving a better sleeping cycle is to set up a schedule. Don’t work overtime. Spend an adequate amount of time with your family. And try to go to bed around 10 p.m. Doing so will help you to control your stress and achieve better mood and health.


The lockdown can easily make anyone lazy. And laziness can make you anxious and depressed. So, go for a walk daily or do a quick workout session at home. If you don’t like exercising, meditate to get rid of all of your troubles. Following your exercise/meditation routine for a week will significantly improve your sleep cycle.

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Spend Time with your Loved Ones

Spending time with loved ones can also help you to relax. You can share your worries with them. After that, you’ll feel much lighter and better. Your stress levels will decrease and you’ll be able to fall asleep easily.

Limit Screen Time

If you spend too much time on your laptop, you need to limit it as well. Binge-watching your favorite shows and falling asleep late at night can severely affect your physical and mental health. So, you should limit your screen time to fall asleep easily.

Follow a Healthy Diet Plan

Eating junk food regularly can also add to stress levels. So, eat healthy food rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids daily. Consuming such foods will improve your mood and physical health. It will also help you to set your sleeping cycle right.

Don’t Work from the Bed

Ever since I contacted the reliable Cox customer support and got blazing-fast Internet installed at home, I noticed that the signals were amazing throughout the house. So, I developed the bad habit of working from bed. But soon I noticed that I constantly wanted to sleep because of it. I also ended up working for more hours daily.

This seriously impacted my sleeping cycle. So, I designated a workspace to fix this issue. If you too have fallen into that routine, break away now. Trust me, not only will you be able to finish work on time easily, but your sleeping schedule will also improve.

Easy Ways to Improve Sleeping Pattern During Lockdown

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