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Humorous Motives for Wearing Face Masks

girl wear a face mask

Today, the entire world has been suffering from pure agony in the form of the Novel CoronaVirus. In recent stats, over half a million people have succumbed to death due to the infection. A permanent embargo on all economic and financial activities has further crippled circumstances. At present, rigorous trials are in the process to find the vaccine and end it, but it is taking a considerable amount of time. Till the time order mask online and stay protected.

The World Health Organization and the state governments have announced some preventive measures like hand-washing, wearing a face mask, hand sanitizer, and social distance mitigating the ill-effects of the virus. The wearing of a face mask is considered the most essential of all when you are stepping out in an infected zone.

We have found some benefits that transcend beyond protection and enter the real of hip-hop culture to encourage you to wear these masks. So, why wait, let’s brace up and find out what else these masks can do for us.

Wearing Face Masks can be Fashionable Too

A week before, a piece of news was circulating across India on news channels and social media that how a man bought a gold mask worth above a quarter million. And recently, a man has purchased a face shield made of gold threads. So, these are real examples that are suggesting that wearing a face mask can be fashionable and enjoyable too.

So, let’s find out some funny yet creative reasons for wearing a mask or rather ordering masks online

Fashionable Look

When the government issued the guidelines about face masks, people started running helter-skelter to buy typical N-95 masks, which are less comfortable but conventional. But when the news came that people could also use home-made or cloth masks, then the trend of fashion truly started.

girl wearing fashionable mask

Today, various sites like Bewakoof.com have been selling some cool and fashionable face masks, like the graphic and printed for the style lovers and superhero printed on them for individuals who like to go out-of-the-box.

Best Escape from a Full Shave and Makeup Look

Undoubtedly, wearing a face mask can be the best escape for you to have no makeup and shave look. This hack is beneficial for those who regularly go to the office in a clean face or put makeup like lipstick and face powder in abundance. And especially girls can save all their energy, grooming their eyes because nobody will be able to see your face from a face mask. So, it could be a good reason for you to go for a face mask.

Hide your Pimple Outbreak by a Face Mask

A sudden pimple outbreak on your face can be the worst nightmare ever, especially for girls. It looks terrible and can make your face dull. And it can take a week sometimes to have a no-pimple face again. If you are also facing the same frustrating issue, then face mask can be the best option for you to hide your pimple from people.

Look Intelligent

Wearing a face mask is a sign of responsibility and intelligentsia presently. People will appreciate your efforts in safeguarding others. In the times, when leaders are averse to wearing face masks, the general public can set up an example by using these and give them a lesson. It is also great to name shame leaders on social media for such gross negligence. Wearing a mask is a sign of a responsibility that these leaders are not understanding.

No One will see you while Making Faces

It is probably one of the most bizarre or naive yet funniest reasons for wearing a face mask. Sometimes it would be tough for us not to make a face when someone says some ludicrous thing. Now you can make a face under your mask, and believe us; no one will be able to see your face. Yes, that’ ludicrous, indeed.


After reading it all, if you are planning to purchase a mask online, you can visit Bewakoof.com. They offer stylish yet preventive face masks to make your mask look great. You can choose from different printed and cloth masks and purchase your ideal one. You can also select the best hand sanitizer online from the site to keep yourself protected from the virus.

Take Away

So, these are some interesting yet funny reasons for motivating yourself to wear a face mask. Search masks online and order your best face protection amid the pandemic.

Humorous Motives for Wearing Face Masks

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