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How to Earn More Money by Utilizing your Contacts?

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Are you looking for a source that can boost up your income with a few extra dollars in your pockets, yet not affect your ongoing work? Well, then you can start making use of your contacts and PR for this purpose.

Yes, I know it might sound a little bit odd to make money through your contacts, but still, it’s possible and you can earn enough amount to put in your savings by approaching your PR.

Now you might be thinking how is this going to work? What’s the strategy? Well, let me tell you, as a job holder or a business owner you meet and deal with hundreds of people every day, so it’s no surprise that you have many useful contacts on your lists.

So the best way to utilize those contacts is to join a commission-based job. These jobs do not require much of your time, but require a lot of contacts and work great in making some extra income for you.

Security and Financial Facilities Sales Agents

If you have joined any security, commodities, or financial services agencies, then your contacts are going to make your job more successful.

There are lots of tasks an agent can perform in these fields like buying and selling securities to clients like that of bonds or stocks etc. so if you have a wealthy number of contacts, then you can help your company sell their services to your contacts and persuade your contacts to buy security services from your company.

In this way, the commission that your company would receive by selling their services to your contact, a fair part of commission will straightly go into your pockets.

Travel Agents

Another way of earning money is via travel agencies. This one works almost on the same basis as the one discussed earlier. In this type of commission-based job, you would have to approach a travel agency and apply it as a travel agent in the company.

Once you have been approved, start providing your companies with a good number of clients using your contacts. Doing this will surely give you more than extra income to add in your saving banks because travel representative earns anywhere from 20% to 60% of the commission and each client that he provides.

Real Estate Sales Agents

Now, if you don’t want to work with a company and prefer to work alone, then the best way for you is to earn money with Real Estate. You can become an independent Real Estate agent, grow your contacts, and after that start helping people with selling and buying their properties. Most people prefer this option because no company is involved, there are only two of your clients and you are helping them both, so in this way, you can earn your commission from both parties.

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Insurance Sales Agents

You can also earn extra money by helping the insurance companies sell their different policies like that of health, property, life, etc. to reliable clients.

You can use your contacts and PR to provide your companies with more clients. Just motivate your contacts about the importance of insurance and make them think about getting insurance for themselves and their family.

Another Alternative

In case you are not into joining any of these commission-based jobs, then you can also go for the second option. This will though take a little time but will eventually help you make money in the future.

Start selling the products and services of your own companies to the above-mentioned agents at a discounted rate, this will help you build stronger contacts with them.

Once you have started good terms with them, asked them to recommend you to their permanent clients and once you have approached their clients, you can sell the services of your company to them and in turn, get the extra commission from your company.

How to Earn More Money by Utilizing your Contacts?

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