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Exploring Packaging Gamification Strategies!

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We are sure that you have considered creating an emotional connection with your customers and product through compelling packaging. How about adding a fun element to lure your customers? Many brands have used the Gamification technique to pull their customers into interactive experiences with their product packaging. It has resulted in creating a more dynamic relationship between the product and the customer.

The Magic of Gamification!

Gamification is the name of instilling game-play dynamics and elements into a non-game experience. It enhances the customers’ experience by using psychology and fun parts. According to research, customers prefer interacting with a gamified element.

What Gamification has to do with Wholesale Eyelash Packaging?

Gamification in packaging can enhance engagement and deeper connections with the customers. It attracts customers by manifesting a sense of fun. Gamification lures new customers towards your products and helps you retain the focus of existing customers’ focus on your product. Since there are many new gamified packaging designs, gamification has been in the packaging realm for quite some time.

Here is an Idea!

Your have created top quality wholesale eyelash and have got in packed in heart-winning packaging. Your customers are in love with your product and are amazed by the packaging. Still, care to take the customers’ experience up a notch? Yes, you can do it through gamification in packaging. For example, you can add a scratch and win tab on the custom eyelash boxes with logo. The customers will be asked to scratch the tab for a chance to win free eyelashes, makeup products, or maybe a free haircut or makeup from a leading hairstylist or makeup artist, respectively. You can also add other gamified experience. For example, the scratched tab on the custom eyelash boxes with the logo may say “spin the wheel” for a chance to win. This strategy will not only be a fun element for existing customers but will also stimulate curiosity amongst potential customers when they see other customers spinning the wheel.

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Gamification in Packaging – 2020 and Beyond!

“With the rise of interactive packaging experiences, the gamification’s future in packaging is quite bright. According to a report, the global Gamification market was valued at USD 5.5 billion. The CAGR is expected to increase by 30.31% in the next four years”.

As an iteration of interactive packaging, gamified packaging offers its consumers a lot more than standard packaging. Gamified packaging provides a leg up on competitors, and it significantly increases sales. The best part of gamification is that it draws customers’ attention through the allure of fun. It creates an effect on consumers, which results in brand loyalty, viral social sharing, and word-of-mouth advertising. In stark contrast to interactive packaging, gamified packaging is consumer-focused and adds value to creating a better consumer experience. Standard packaging is always brand-centric and focuses on the product being sold. Gamified packaging pulls your consumers into a deeper relationship with your brand, product, and above all, packaging. Gamification may seem like an expensive dynamic to employ; however, if used correctly and creatively, it can yield significantly fruitful results for the brand and the consumers.

Exploring Packaging Gamification Strategies!

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