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Pursuing the Physique of a Bodybuilder

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He looks like a bodybuilder. We all have said it at some point in our lives. But, what does it even mean?

Throughout history, there have been many big and muscular men. Statues and sculptures from Greece and Michelangelo prove that. Since the mid-20th century, there has been a mix of definition, masculinity, shape, and symmetry, proportion, and other visual qualities that are known as bodybuilder physique. This results from due to diet and physical training. There are numerous weightlifters along with other strength and power athletes that develop biceps and powerful muscles. There is an aesthetic linked with a bodybuilding physique that is identifiable and distinct.

It takes over decades of trial-and-error that gets them the look we know as bodybuilding physique. You can see how bodybuilding has evolved. The physical culture competitions of the 20s and 30s showed the dominance of weightlifters. This training brings some of the most dramatic changes in their physiques. The weight training program creates a more aesthetic and defined look for the body.

Rather than training the entire body in one workout multiple times a week, the bodybuilders started doing split-system programs, that hit only certain parts in a training session. They did more sets than necessary in weightlifting and did additional isolation exercise to shape and sculpt the individual muscles and muscle groups. Over time, they switched from relying on red meat and whole milk to proper eating regimens that emphasized specific control over protein, carbohydrate, and fat intakes paired with caloric restriction, cardio exercise, and supplementation.

Experimentation & Ideas

Over the years, basic bodybuilding has gone through numerous transformations. Arthur Jones, the creator of the Nautilus machine, supported super-intense workouts. These workouts had low reps, high resistance, and fewer sets with lots of techniques. Others advocated relying on machines, and there have been different exercise devices offering resistance from compressed air, water, and computer-controlled friction.

Today’s bodybuilders are bigger, harder, and defined than bodybuilders of history. Even though the training programs are not the same, they share similarities. Most interested in bodybuilding know how basic bodybuilding works but there are only a few who understand why. When you learn why it helps bring variations into your workouts. This does not reduce the effectiveness of training and keeps you motivated.

The Fundamentals of Bodybuilding

Sets and reps are the key aspects of training programs. You should know the number of reps you require for each set and how much weight you should be lifting. Most of the experienced bodybuilders follow the traditional approach that is:

  • 4 to 5 sets of 4 to 5 exercises
  • 8 to 12 sets for upper body
  • 12 to 16 for lower body
  • Approximately 75% of one-rep max resistance
man lifting weight

When you exercise a muscle, you are not directly changing it, unless you damage the tissue. When you train, it sends signals to the nervous system that informs the body that it’s under. So the body responds to it and adapts. If you overload the body, in just the right amount, it is going to increase the capacity.

Time Under Tension

TUT is the measurement of the extent of a muscle resistance when it contracts again how long it remains subject to this resistance. Usually, a single rep of an exercise is about 1 second. Therefore, for doing 10 reps your muscles will be under tension for 10 seconds. And although the amount of time under tension differs among individuals and body parts, the exercise volume that leads to bests bodybuilding effects results from 4 to 5 sets of 4 to 5 exercises.

Another thing is the different ways muscles respond to different workouts. Muscles are complex and when you work on them and build them, it tends to impact the muscle fibers itself, fluid contents (blood and water), mitochondrial mass, and glycogen storage. When weightlifters use heavy resistance and low reps, they end up having hard and strong muscles. But these are not the kind of shape and volume that builders get from their programs. Lots of reps and training with lightweight gives muscles increased endurance, but not a lot of strength, shape, or volume.

Bodybuilders have found out after years of training that the amount of time under tension that increases muscle shape and volume, and definition by using just enough reps and sets. Most of the exercise for a body part has similar effects on the muscle involved. A variety of variations used by the bodybuilders are more beneficial as they make workouts less boring, providing unique stimulation.

Rest and Recuperation

There is another element to modern bodybuilding training that assists bodybuilders in getting the desired physique. After you have stimulated the muscles to grow and respond, sending them the same message over and over again is not going to do any good. You would end up overtraining and getting negative results. You can stimulate growth, but without training, you do not grow.

You grow when you give your muscles rest. Back in the day, bodybuilders did too many sets and reps. They trained too often as well. Their body did not get any rest or a chance to recuperate/rebuild. The more intense your training, the longer you need to fully recuperate.

Bodybuilding Diet

Definition and muscularity are the defining characteristics of the bodybuilding look. You can get this by combining hard and consistent weight training along with strict dieting. A proper diet maintains or increases muscle mass while helping a great deal of body fat. It also pulls water from under the skin and reveals as much muscle detail and definition.

A serious bodybuilding diet is one of the toughest goals to get in all of the sports. It usually takes about 12 weeks of total discipline and many athletes fail to achieve their potential as the psychological impact of contest diet is more than he can endure.

Achieving the Bodybuilding Effect

  • Doing 4 to 5 sets of 4 to 5 exercises.
  • Doing split-system training.
  • Using about 75% of your one-rep maximum resistance.
  • Combining compound multi-joint exercise with isolation (single-joint) movements.
  • Focusing on free weights for growth and strength, cables and machines for detail.
  • Don’t train too often or too long.
  • Giving yourself enough time between workouts to rest and recuperate.
  • Increasing the nutrition in your diet and lessen the calories to boost the necessary definition and muscularity.

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Pursuing the Physique of a Bodybuilder

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