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How Calendars Help You Manage Your Schedule Easily

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Have you ever think that why we are failing in our lives? Why the people of our ages are successful? Why we are dull in our daily routine life? Even though there are the same 24 hours in a day of all the people either they are successful or unsuccessful.

There is only one answer to all the questions that are “lack of management of your schedule”. If you see the daily routine of a successful man, you will see the specific time of every task. That man has the scheduled time table of his daily routine.

I remember a quote from a retired CEO of IBM that I share with you. once he said,” Never let anyone own your schedule”. Now you can estimate the importance of a schedule.I will tell you some ways to make yours in the following. I hope it will helpful for you.

Make your Routine

First of all, make your routine. If you want to follow your Kalender that helps to manage the schedule then you must have a set routine. So that you can follow your time table easily. You must have the habit of rising early morning. If you rise early morning, you can easily complete your daily routine tasks.

Set your Schedule

Now select your planning style. Firstly, note down all the tasks important related to your field and daily routine home tasks on a rough paper. Now trim the important tasks that reach your goal.

Make your schedule in the bulk of blocks. Write your all activities in the blocks. If you want free time or if have a plan for the outing, include it in the blocks. Don’t write the unplanned tasks in these blocks otherwise, it will create a mess in your schedule.

Don’t make Two Schedules

Don’t make two schedules; it may collapse your time with two tasks at the same time. Don’t write any activity during your working time. For example at 7:45 you go to drop your children at school, and then don’t include that time in your timetable.

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Write the Different Activities in the Time Table

  • Write thinking, problem-solving, and study-related tasks in the early morning. Because at that time your brain is refreshed and you can easily solve all your problems either belongs to study, business or job.
  • Any easy tasks like writing, mail checking, or copy-paste that are not hectic, write in afternoon blocks. Because the duration of the day is boring at all so choose comfortable tasks at that time.
  • If you want some time break for playing games, then just include half an hour for this activity. But it is better to play the game on the day of the holiday, not in a routine.
  • In the evening block write all your practical work, family time, and exercise.
  • If you are a businessman or job holder, you can check, analyze, or read your files at night

Set up a time to make your next day plan and review your today plan so that if you want any change then do it in the next day’s plan.

How Calendars Help You Manage Your Schedule Easily

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