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Things to Look Out for in Business Events in 2021

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The events industry was one of the hardest hit in 2020. But this year, there seems to be a more positive outlook as industry leaders explore new concepts and ideas. With stricter health protocols, events providers are looking at the latest trends that will drum up business until circumstances return to normal. By thinking out of the box, companies can still hold company events and gatherings without sacrificing the safety of attendees. So, how is this possible? Here is a look at the trends that will change the events industry this year.

Events Held Close to Home

Big corporate events are usually held in faraway destinations. But, travel is more challenging because of health restrictions. As such, more companies will consider venues closer to home. Staying close to company premises will help ensure the safety of attendees. The good thing is, there’s no shortage of local destinations perfect for corporate gatherings. Whether it’s a form of incentive travel or a means for company leaders to gather and plan – there’s always a nearby place that suits your needs.

More Events Held Outdoors

Another trend that will continue this year is holding events outdoors. It’s the perfect solution for company gatherings because you can follow protocols while still having as much fun as possible. With an outdoor venue, there’s leeway to add activities and entertainment such as a funfair stall for hire, game booths, a band, and many more. Of course, keeping the gathering small will prevent overcrowding. Moreover, you can also host outdoor events much longer than you’re allowed to compared to an indoor meeting.

Pre-Event Testing and Health Measures

Depending on the type of event, it may be necessary to require attendees to take a COVID-19 test. If the company can shoulder the cost of testing, it may be best just to guarantee safety. Nevertheless, if quick-testing kits become available this year, it may be a good requirement before hosting an event so that everyone will be at ease. In the meantime, you can make do with thermal scanners and diligent contact tracing as a safety measure. Also, if possible, have attendees wear masks and reinforce social distancing guidelines.

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Rigorous Sanitation Guidelines

One good thing that came out of this pandemic is the reinforcement of sanitation. For the safety of event attendees, you need to ensure that the venue is clean and sanitized. Every area and surface should be disinfected, especially tables, chairs, and bathrooms. During the event, there should be hand sanitizers, face masks, and stations where guests can disinfect.

If you are hiring third-party providers for the event, make sure that they’re also following the same rigorous sanitation measures. When it comes to food and drinks, pre-packaged meals are a better option than buffets. You may want to avoid extensive exposure and interaction between guests so preparing food beforehand is safer.

Consider a hybrid event If in-person events prove too risky, a hybrid option may be the solution. You can host a virtual meeting or conference as an alternative. These days, hybrid events are becoming more common because you can still achieve the intended goals of the meeting without exposing your employees to health risks.

Things to Look Out for in Business Events in 2021

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