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Discover Who Desires Permanent Eyeliner

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People wear eyeliners for different reasons. Usually, they do that to accentuate their eyes. While beauty is subjective, it is never wrong to try and look your best. There are even several online articles and blogs that act as a guide and give you ideas on how to draw the perfect eyebrows for your eye shape.

However, if you are always on the go and put on eyeliner daily, you might not notice how the compounded minutes spent putting on your eyeliner is eating up your precious time. In this case, getting an eyeliner tattoo might work best for you. If you are planning to get tattooed, below is the essential information that might help you make up your mind.

Are they Permanent?

Every type of permanent makeup is technically categorized as a tattoo because they involve embedding pigment into your skin with tiny needles. However, if you are wondering if these facial tattoos, such as eyeliner, are permanent, the answer is no.

These tattoos are called permanent eyeliners because they will not wash off with the rest of your makeup at the end of the day, but they gradually fade away within a year or two, depending on numerous factors.

If you are wondering why these facial tattoos eventually fade compared to regular body tattoos, the reason is that regular body tattoos have ink embedded deeply into the skin. In contrast, the colour embedding of facial tattoos is done only on the top layer (epidermis) of your skin.

How are Permanent Eyeliners Done?

The actual process of getting a permanent eyeliner starts with your highly qualified artist cleaning the area around your eyes with an eye-safe antibacterial followed by applying a numbing cream to help in the reduction of possible discomfort.

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The micro-droplets of colored pigments are then properly embedded between your lashes and on the surface of your skin with a special apparatus. This process is usually done over several sessions so your artist could monitor how your skin is absorbing the color.

Do Permanent Eyeliners Look the Same?

If you plan to get an eyeliner tattoo but are worried about how it would look, you should not. You have nothing to worry about as getting a permanent eyeliner is customizable from start to finish. You are the boss and your specific aesthetic preferences are to be followed by your trusted and highly qualified artist that uses safe tools and effective techniques.

For instance, if you want a more natural-looking liner, you can communicate with your artist to help you get the look you are going for as they give you expert tips and advice.

Does Getting Permanent Eyeliner Hurt?

It is natural to assume that getting tattooed around your eyes is painful. However, the whole process of getting a permanent tattoo is not painful. Generally, there will be no bleeding and no swelling. It is best to go to a reputable clinic and let a trusted artist do the job to have the whole process of getting tattooed safely.

In essence, facial tattoos are intended to accentuate specific facial features as they make your life easier by saving your precious time and effort in putting on makeup. If you are always on the go and putting on eyeliner is undeniably a part of your makeup routine, you can have one less problem by getting a permanent eyeliner.

Discover Who Desires Permanent Eyeliner

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