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3 Common Conversion Issues for Word to PDF


Word and PDF are the most common formats used by many. These two are indispensable in the workplace, school, and any place where documents, data, and essential records are stored and handled. Conversion of Word to PDF is also a common practice.

Transactions online and on the web preferred PDF files. It’s no wonder because this format comes with a lot of benefits. One is its compatibility with almost all platforms. PDF also presents an accurate file format and comes with a security feature. Nonetheless, there are instances that some challenges are present when converting Word to PDF. Here are some of them and the solution for them once you encounter such issues.

Common Challenges of Word to PDF Conversion

You might encounter some of these and become hesitant with Word to PDF conversion. Well, don’t hesitate anymore with PDFBear conversion is easy as one-two-three!

Challenge #1: The Hyperlinks

Preserving the hyperlink is another challenge when converting Word to PDF. This problem happens when the conversion tool or server treats the PDF as one/whole new file, and because of this, essential elements like hyperlinks might get lost. Instantly, a well-researched hyperlink sentence or word becomes a plain static word or sentence.

Challenge #2: Preserving the Format

Disorganization often happens during the conversion if you fail to use a reliable tool. PDFBear assures you that such an issue with PDF conversion will not be a problem. Whatever file you’ll convert – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others, it will not change your layout from the original format. Thus, resulting in saving you from manually re-formatting your file and, at the same time, preventing you from exerting extra effort for your file conversion.

Challenge #3: The Metadata Disappears

There are instances where metadata disappears after conversion.

The metadata in a Word document includes the date when the file is created and its author or creator. It also consists of the size of the file and the name of its latest modifier. When this data is lost, the searchability and integrity of any digital document are at stake. PDFBear answers this challenge along with the first two mentioned in the article.

How to Convert Word to PDF by Using PDFBear

These steps will show you how easy conversion is! Do these steps and have your file converted in minutes.

  • Step 1: Upload the Word file you want to convert.
  • Step 2: Wait until your file is uploaded. It will only take seconds and a few clicks to finish. Then, PDFBear will scan your document immediately.
  • Step 3: Sit and relax while waiting for the conversion to be completed.
  • Step 4: After a few minutes, the converted file will be ready for download.

PDFBear will help you no matter what file conversion you need. You will have your newly converted PDF right at the comfort of your own space whenever you need it. Indeed, it is the solution for the common conversion problem of Word to PDF.

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PDFBear offers you other online tools that help you do your tasks more efficiently, thus saving you a lot of time and avoiding hassles.

Other Useful Tools from PDFBear


How does a PDF/a differ from PDF? Many might wonder what a PDF/a is and is it the same as a PDF. Well, the answer is PDF/a is a version of PDF. Its primary purpose is for long-term preservation or archiving of documents or files.

Rotate PDF

PDFBear offers this tool that allows you to rotate PDF at any angle you prefer. With a few taps on its toolbox, you can turn your PDF files conveniently and quickly. Whatever angle you choose, be it at 90,180 or 270 degrees, PDFBear can help you out!

Merge and Split PDF

The Merge PDF tool is beneficial when you have many files but cannot dispose of them because they contain or the whole document is essential. With a few taps, this tool allows combining multiple PDF files.

On the other hand, the site also provides you with a split PDF tool. This tool splits your PDF into several or individual pages in a matter of minutes or even less—no need to worry about security. PDFBear uses a system that ensures that no data of yours will be stolen or shared.

Unlock PDF

Unlock a PDF with no sweat using this website. Removing the password is easy and quick with PDFBear. The website created a feature that can decrypt your files in minutes with just a few clicks.

Edit PDF

Do you need to perform some editing on your PDFs? This editor from PDF can help you modify your file and produce excellent flawless output. It helps you to edit your file directly. Moreover, it allows you to include additional text and photographs. PDFBear offers you this great editor for improving your document.


PDF is among the widely used formats in many fields. However, some problems may occur after converting Words to PDF. But no need to worry because with PDFBear, these common issues do not possibly happen. Moreover, the site provides other tools to help you with your files.

3 Common Conversion Issues for Word to PDF

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