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3 Tools you can use to Delete PDF Files

Adobe Acrobat

The secret to coping with a stressful situation is learning to keep things simple. Files’ contents are not far from it! Simplifying your file information helps to comprehend and analyze your data. You may have some files with needless pages, which make discovering information more difficult.

When sharing documents online, portable document format files are necessary to keep the formatting. If you have PDFs in which you don’t want anyone else to see, and you don’t need them, what will you do? Will you change the file to get rid of that particular section? What if the only copy that you have is the PDF? We have here easy tips to delete PDF pages so keep reading!

Remove PDF Pages through GogoPDF

Several internet applications allow you to erase the pages of your PDF. It’s as simple as searching on your browser’s search bar, and many options will show up on your screen. Since they all provide the same thing, how can you choose the right one?

A tool compatible with practically every known operating system and web browser is available with the GogoPDF service. It’s available on any device. There is no need to install any software because eliminating the pages is done online on the cloud. Your file is entirely secure and utilized just for the removal process.

Another advantage of GogoPDF is that it quickly processes files while also keeping the quality of the files. You may rely on the fact that it will take a little of your time. The application is further helped by the settings being clear and straightforward to understand for everyone. Follow the methods outlined below to delete pages from your PDFs successfully.

  • Go to GogoPDF on your browser and look for the delete PDF page tool.
  • Upload the file to it.
  • Choose the pages that you want to remove.
  • Once ready, download the PDF.

Use Adobe Acrobat to Delete PDF Pages

Ask a random person for help deleting pages from a PDF, and they will almost certainly recommend using Adobe Acrobat. You can use this software application to handle your portable document format files. Follow these steps if you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer.

  • Open your file as you launch Adobe.
  • Select Tools>Organize Pages or Organize Pages on the right pane.
  • Simply put marks on the pages that you want to be deleted and press Delete.
  • Once done, click OK.
  • Save.
  • pdf-download
pdf files

Use Google Chrome for Keeping PDF Pages

Chrome keeps the pages you desire

There’s no “trick” to use with this third method. Remember that you only keep the pages you want in your file, so the ultimate goal is the same. Use Google Chrome to delete unnecessary PDF file components selectively. Do these four things to test it out!

  • Open the browser and put in the file.
  • Select File>Print.
  • Upon seeing Destination, select Save as PDF from the dropdown menu.
  • Press Pages>Custom.
  • Type in the page numbers that you’d like to store.
  • Put in the name and location of the file.
  • Click Save.

Why Delete Pages from PDFs?

We have been talking about deleting PDF pages right from the start, but we haven’t touched topics about how deleting PDF pages will benefit you and your partners. The first benefit that you can get is faster comprehension of the files’ contents. Why is that a benefit, you ask? Well, if you can comprehend the information faster, you can make progress quicker!

Another thing is that it makes your PDFs appear a lot more professional as it goes straight to the point. Omit all the other irrelevant things that you know are unnecessary. This way, the reader won’t get confused and won’t know about the contents you don’t want them to know! Plus, save nature by saving paper that you would have wasted were it not for you deleting the not so essential parts!

Perhaps people might really think that the more complex things are, the more beautiful it is. But, from another perspective, simplicity might instead enhance beauty. Similarly, applying a similar thought in making your PDF documents by removing the pages and the parts that only serve to complicate the file may be a lot more helpful in understanding the information.

Final Thoughts

Boost your and your partners’ productivity by cutting the time spent on making heads or tails of the contents of your portable document format files. Be environmentally friendly by consuming less paper for printing. Make your papers seem more organized and professional. You can achieve these three by deleting PDF pages through the methods we have provided for you above.

Always remember that you are not out of choices. Deleting PDF pages doesn’t necessarily require paying and installing any software on your computer. Instead, you may take advantage of this-party web-based tools like GogoPDF to do the job!

3 Tools you can use to Delete PDF Files

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