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10 Best Ideas to Enhance the Spruce of Your Apartment

beautiful apartment with beautiful furniture

Greenery increases our moods and gives us the chance to take care of a living item. So if you can’t have pets but want something to share your space with, pick a green friend. Although they require some care, it’s much simpler than a cat or dog.

Put Up Temporary Wallpaper

Unfortunately, most apartments don’t allow renters to paint their walls. If you want that feeling but can’t afford St. Albert real estate yet: consider putting up temporary wallpaper! It looks like new walls while not hurting your security deposit.

Create Separate Nooks for Activities

One flaw with many apartments is how every space can often feel like it only has one activity designed for it. Fortunately, with clever layouts, you can create unique nooks for your hobbies. For example, consider a chair in a corner with a lamp for reading or a small table in a different corner for crafts!

Give Each Room a Theme

A fun way to make your apartment seem more fun is to lean into the idea of themes. For this, you could give your living room a nautical theme and your bedroom a space theme: have fun with it!

Consider Changing the Lighting10 Ways to Spruce Up your Apartment

Apartments are fantastic because you don’t have to deal with maintenance or pay property taxes: but they can hold you back when you want to show some of your personality through where you live.

If your apartment could use a little pizazz, here are the top ten tricks you can try!

Add Some Plant Life

Lighting can heavily affect our mood and perception of a space. To help with this, create mood lighting that will brighten or color the room in a fun way. Play around with different looks to find one that you love.

plant in a apartment

Add New Bold Colors

Bright and bold blocks of color draw the eye and excite. You can achieve this by buying a large and vivid one-tone couch or simply making every accessory and pillow in the room one specific bright hue or shade.

Create your Art

Why not make the space that you dream of from scratch? You can do this by buying large canvases, some inexpensive acrylic paint, and some paint thinner. Then, follow instructions on pour-art tutorials online, and make your incredible art.

Reinvent the Layout

Sometimes changing the layout can be enough to change the mood. For example, reconsider where your couch and television sit or if your dining room area would be better suited to your office.

Deep Clean Everything

Deep cleaning can make any space feel brand new. Scrub from the top-down, dusting, wiping down walls, cleaning floorboards, and vacuuming out couches and cabinets. By the end of it, your space will look brand new, and you’ll feel great in it.

Lean into Retro Styles

The 1970s and 1920s style is back in demand in 2021, meaning that there’s more room for interesting patterns and fun furniture shapes. Make this work for your apartment by picking an era and leaning into it. Although these looks can be dramatic: they’re also a lot of fun.

10 Best Ideas to Enhance the Spruce of Your Apartment

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