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Importance Things of Utilizing Professional Video Content on Social Media

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Isn’t it mind-boggling to think about the reach of social media? Websites and platforms that were just getting their start a decade ago now dominate the marketing world. Social media has become such an important part of marketing for businesses. Luckily, it’s something that nearly everyone can master with the right help.

You post often, and you make sure to create different kinds of content. However, there’s something important your social media strategy could be missing: professional video. We know that you’re used to taking and uploading videos with your phone. If you want to really make your social content work for you, it’s time to invest in professional videos for your social media.

On the fence about why we recommend working with a videographer to really up your social media game? We’re going to dive into the importance of video marketing and why you should rely on professionals to have you make stellar content.

The Power of Video Marketing

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to invest in video marketing on social media. Video is more popular than ever, and businesses of all sizes can benefit from using video on their social platforms. Video can be what you need to reach your marketing goals and create fantastic content. Here are just a few reasons why video reigns supreme on social.

Video is Incredibly Popular

You know that videos are popular, but you may not know just how much people like seeing them on social media. Did you know that 90% of people like to watch videos on social media? All of the major social platforms you use support video, and there are plenty of users that flock to the platform for the sole purpose of watching videos.

In fact, some people may prefer to consume their content in video form. Many people find video to be more engaging than text and pictures. Others prefer video because they think it’s a faster way to consume important information.

Video is Versatile

We’re focusing on the power of video marketing and social media. However, it’s important to keep in mind that social media is only one part of your marketing strategy that helps.

The video content you make for social media can and should be used on different platforms. The video content you produce for LinkedIn could be great for your About page. The next e-mail marketing campaign you launch can benefit from the explainer video you just put together.

When you create content for social media, you’re creating content that you can use. It’s the ideal “build once, deploy everywhere” approach for content marketing!

Video is Effective

There’s a reason why so many marketers are utilizing video in their social media marketing strategies. To put it simply, video marketing just works.

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A recent survey of marketers showed that a whopping 87% of people believe that they have a positive ROI on their video marketing work. Finding nearly any marketing method that has that high of an ROI used to be impossible, but video managed to exceed everyone’s expectations. Tracking the success of video content on social media is incredibly easy. With platform analytics and tracking, you can tell very quickly if your current content is working.

Video is one of the most accessible and effective forms of marketing for social media and beyond businesses can utilize. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you get it done the right way.

5 Reasons Why You Need Help from Professionals

As you can see, video marketing is just what you need to improve your social media and content marketing strategies. Filming a few shots of your store with your iPhone is a nice start, but it’s not where your video marketing work should end.

If you really want to get the most out of your video marketing efforts you need to work with professionals. It’s possible that to do some work on your own, but if you want your content to really shine, you need to work with a professional videographer.

There’s a reason why businesses are investing in professional video production and editing for their marketing work. Here’s why it pays to work with the pros when you’re making video content for social media.

Protect your Brand

First impressions matter for businesses, and we’re not just talking about when you’re meeting clients face to face. The content you post on social media could be the first interaction people have with your brand. Do your best to make sure that they leave with a good first impression.

You may not be an expert in video marketing, but you know a bad video when you see it. Bad lighting, awkward takes, wooden actors, and unsteady cameras won’t impress potential customers.

Think about some of the worst-looking videos you’ve seen businesses post on social media. Now think about how that video changed your perception of that business. Low-production videos will make an impression on people, it just won’t be the one you want. Poorly made videos will reflect badly on your brand, and once that message is out there it’s hard to take back.

Working with a professional video agency increases your likelihood of producing something that looks fantastic and accurately reflects your brand. You’ll be able to put out something that you’re proud of, and everyone who sees it can leave a good impression on your business and products.

Keep Up With the Competition

You may not think that you need to invest in professional video, but we’re willing to bet that your competition does. There’s a reason why the vast majority of marketers say that they’re planning on investing in video marketing more.

As we said, video can be seen as the preferred content consumption method for most people. Savvy business owners and marketers have noticed this trend, and they’re doing what they can to appeal to their audience.

The last thing you want is for your videos to look inferior to what the competition is doing. There’s a reason why sites for video marketing agencies like 1minutemedia.com.au always showcase plenty of logos. Businesses are investing in the power of video, and it’s time for you to do the same.

Create Engaging Stories

What kind of expertise do you think you get when you work with video production specialists and agencies? You aren’t just getting professional help from people who know how to do lighting and work the equipment. You’re working with masters of storytelling!

Stories will always hold an important place in people’s hearts and minds. When you make a video you’re also creating a narrative that has the power to resonate with people.

Even the most mundane products and services can look exciting when they’re paired with exciting visuals and sound. When you have professionally made videos you’re making content that can really influence others.

Get Truly Helpful Expertise

Did you know that vertical videos tend to perform better than videos that are shot in landscape mode? Do you know how to add subtitles to your videos so that people who can’t listen to sound can still enjoy your video? Could you easily resize the video you just shot so it looks good on every social media platform?

You may not know the answers to those questions, but a video professional would. When you pay for any professional service you aren’t simply paying for the task at hand. In truth, you’re paying for someone’s expertise to help you make the right choices.

It’s one thing to create videos, it’s quite another to create best-in-class content you can utilize anywhere you need it to work. When you have professionally made video you know you’ve gotten the best possible content.

Create Great Content Fast

You may consider yourself a bit of an amateur videographer. Or perhaps you have people on your marketing team that is excited to start producing video content. You have the in-house help that you need, but maybe it’s time to ask yourself if that’s the right kind of help.

How much time do you really have to devote to producing videos? In order for video marketing on social media to be effective, you can just put out a video or two when the mood strikes you. It’s important to be producing content on a regular basis.

Video production specialists can create quality content quickly. Think about how busy everyone already is at work, and now add a video marketing calendar to the mix. Let yourself and your staff focus on what you have on your plate and work with a production video to produce your video.

Find your Professional Video Groove

Video marketing can be incredibly effective, but only when it’s done the right way. Professional video can help ensure that you’re getting the message across in the best way possible.

We only scratched the surface of video marketing on social media in the post. There’s still plenty of topics to cover. How do you create a content calendar for video marketing? What’s the best way to find a good video production agency?

Importance Things of Utilizing Professional Video Content on Social Media

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