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Necessary Off-Grid Camping Accessories: Top 10 Must-Haves

Accessories for Camping

77 million American households go camping each year. And there are many ways to go camping that will suit all types of personalities. There’s the old-school tent-style at a campsite to glamping for a more luxurious feel.

With society so interconnected now, a lot of people are choosing to go off-grid camping. But that sounds challenging, right? What would you even need to take with you for that?

Don’t worry, we can help! Keep reading for the must-have off the grid accessories you won’t want to go camping without.

High-Quality Tents

If you’re not taking an off grid camper or one of the types of off grid trailers then you’ll want a high-quality tent. It should offer you protection from any sudden weather changes.

If you’re going in the moderate seasons, a 2-season tent should suffice. For harsher temperatures, you’ll want a 3-4 season tent. A 4 season tent is also great if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors.

You can get options that house different numbers of people. There are single and two-man tents right up to models that fit 8-12 people. This could help you stay warmer and cut down the number of tents you need to carry.

Solar Cookers

If you’re going off grid you’ll need off grid power systems and part of that is a solar cooker. They’re easier to carry around than a cast-iron alternative when you’re hiking.

Solar cookers make it easier to cook meals without worrying about the weather too as there is no open flame. Get one that’s designed to cook on a cloudy day, and in the coldest conditions.

Fire Starters

Even if you’re not using an open flame to cook, you never know when you need a fire. And not everyone can make it without matches or lighter fluid.

When going off the grid, make sure you have a fire starter with you. This way, fires are easier to start and you don’t need to worry about going kindling hunting.

It’s also worthwhile to have a few boxes of stormproof matches to hand too. This way, these waterproof matches can get you out of a bind in the harshest conditions.

Sources of Light

Whatever the season, you need to take a light source for living off the grid. Outdoor enthusiasts suggest headlamps as they’re easier to carry than a flashlight. This is especially useful if you’re setting up in low light so you have your hands free.

If you think you need more light then invest in a solar-powered lantern. You can charge it up in the day and then use it at night in your tent to play cards, read, or do any other activity you can think of.

Water Purifiers

Water is very heavy to carry, which isn’t ideal when you’re carrying everything on your hike. For off grid camping, you need a workaround and that’s a water purifier and a water bottle.

This way, you can save water when you find it along the trail on your travel and make it safe to drink. The latter is important if you’re not right next to a suitable water source.


Anything can happen when you’re camping, even more so when it’s off the grid. That’s why you want to have the right tools on hand if you need them. But it’s not practical to carry a whole toolkit.

That’s where multitools can help! Think of these as the modern Swiss Army knife, but every multitool worth having should have:

  • Have at least 5 functions (you can have up to 20)
  • Be durable
  • Be lightweight

When choosing the functions, get something you can make the most of. Don’t get something with features you think you won’t ever use. It’s worthwhile deciding on must-have functions before you shop.

First-Aid Kits

Being prepared includes being able to deal with minor irritants and injuries. Off the grid, you won’t have immediate access to medical help, so you need to know what to do with emergency injuries. This includes carrying a first aid kit.

first aid kit with other things on the table

Ones designed for camping and hiking will have waterproof bags. They’ll also specify if they’re for a day-hike or weekend trips. For off-grid camping, you might want something for mountain adventures. They’re designed for more than a day trip or a weekend away.

Solar Showers

One of the most challenging parts of off-grid camping is finding an off-grid shower and off-grid toilet. It’s one of the hardest parts of how to live off the grid. But that’s again where solar can help.

A solar-heated shower isn’t quite a glamping experience, but it sure beats a cold stream or breaking out the wet wipes. It’s a sure way to make camping off the grid more comfortable.

At their most basic, these showers are sturdy bags that you fill up with water. Hanging from a tree nearby, they’re designed to absorb heat from the sun and air around them. This way, you’re not getting a cold shower.

Portable Generators

While you’re off the grid to be away from people and connect with nature, emergencies happen. Portable generators or slow discharging batteries are a must. You can find out more here at https://www.endurobattery.com/.

They keep your phone charged so if you do need to make an emergency call in case of disaster. You can also use it to listen to the radio, especially useful in summer if you’re in an area at risk of wildfires. It helps you keep updated with weather and disaster alerts.

Solar Chargers

If you don’t want to carry a generator or large battery, and only want it for emergency calls, then use a solar charger. These are usually small solar panels, so you can have enough juice for that emergency call.

Off the Grid: Don’t Get Caught Out

So, there you have it! Now you know these essential accessories for off the grid camping you won’t get caught short.

Off grid camping isn’t like regular camping, you need to prepare more. You’ll be on your own out there, away from the modern convenience of society. Make sure you’re set up for that, so you can enjoy getting back to nature.

Necessary Off-Grid Camping Accessories: Top 10 Must-Haves

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