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Strategies for Boosting Your Income as a Nurse

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Financial discipline at every stage of life is an essential but hard thing to come by for many career workers. More than one in four working Americans in the United States are unable to save anything out of their income. According to Bloomberg, nearly one in three people runs out of money even before the next payday. Yet many careers often come with tight working schedules, which makes sustaining other jobs more difficult. The nursing field is no exception. If you’re a nurse looking to increase your income, here are some tips.

Upgrade your Skills

Upgrading your skills can do very much for your financial goals as a health care provider. If you have a Bachelor of Science degree, you’re probably not familiar with a variety of clinical settings compared to a colleague with a master’s degree. Generally, gaining top-level training opens you up to new opportunities in the primary care setting. But how can you take a master’s degree program when your medical field shifts are barely giving you any window to breathe?

Luckily, several master’s programs exist with convenient ways to manage your semester hours and improve your career opportunities. Take the University of Cincinnati’s MSN FNP online program, for instance. The online family nurse practitioner program provides adequate tuition to nurses so they can administer patient care to patients of all ages.

The family nurse practitioner program provides the requisite clinical experience for nurses and equips them with essential health assessment skills to make diagnoses. FNP courses also equip nurses to treat chronic conditions with a critical focus on disease prevention and clinical management. The accreditation benefits after completing the family nurse practitioner certification exam are endless. The program’s accrediting bodies include the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the Commission on College Nursing Education, and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Make Healthy Investment Decisions

Many of the world’s top richest people (like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk) have investment accounts. But how can the average public health nurse pull such milestones in the world of finance? It all comes down to having an investment strategy. Keeping tabs on platforms like WealthRocket can also help. As a professional nurse, you can leverage the information from Wealth Rocket to keep a steady cash flow or invest in a small business without breaking your bank account.

Take Overtime Hours

Nursing can be a rewarding career. But beyond the compassion and goodwill, it’s important to enjoy all the capital gain benefits you can access. Overtime shifts can allow you more work time and more pay. Some qualified health centers have web-based systems for their health care providers, making it easier to lock in extra work shifts. You can check with community health clinics if they’re willing to onboard you as temp staff during your off days.

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Nurses seeking to improve their working hours may have to take a closer look at their mental health. Often, loaded and frequent work shifts can make you vulnerable to burnout and other mental health symptoms. Generally, public health care providers in the U.S. are surviving a nursing shortage crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the common health problems in the global health sector, and nurse staffing is a prominent issue worldwide. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 175,900 professional nurse jobs by 2029 for future nurse practitioners.

Become an Immunization Nurse

The U.S. begins with its series of immunizations around September each year. If you’re familiar with keeping immunization records, being an immunization nurse can be another income stream for you as a professional nurse. Check advertisements for immunization nurses in the papers. If you meet the minimum requirement, you can sign up.

Become a Telehealth Nurse

The COVID-19 pandemic kick-started a global health awareness awakening. Many individuals have become more sensitive to wellness care and general health maintenance. Check with cable networks if they need professionals to take health-risk assessments and provide counsel for their viewers. Other alternative means include digital opportunities, which require very little to start.

Strategies for Boosting Your Income as a Nurse

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