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Various Types of Lawyers Practicing Today

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Did you know that there are 1.3 million practicing lawyers in the USA?

There are plenty of lawyers to go around whether you’ve already landed yourself in a legal situation or you’re seeking advice to prevent one.

However, don’t make the mistake of hiring a general lawyer for a complex case. There are many different specialties to choose from. Depending on your case, some will be more appropriate than others.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense lawyers represent anyone that is accused of illegal activity. They ensure that the defendant is treated fairly throughout the process. They’ll also advocate for them to receive a lenient sentence.

These lawyers will either work in the private sector or as public defenders.

Employment and Labor Lawyer

Employment lawyers have a broad job scope. They handle the relationships between employers, employees, and unions. They’ll handle all types of workplace conflict, from discrimination to pension security.

They can be employed by a business or hired by an employee that’s facing difficulties.

Business Lawyer (Corporate Lawyer)

Business lawyers handle all aspects of legal matters for corporations. They ensure that all transactions and communications follow local, state, and federal laws.

They will also handle disputes over patents, intellectual property, and liability. They will write contracts for corporations and negotiate contracts for the client.

Military Lawyer

A military lawyer (otherwise known as a Judge Advocate General) represents military personnel. They assist with criminal and civil cases. They’re experts in military, civilian, and international law.

These lawyers will write official documents and represent individuals in court.

Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer is an expert in property rights, trusts, wills, and probate. They’ll provide legal advice to clients about all assets and properties.

They’ll also help with property tax payments and make sure clients are aware of any extra sums owed.

Constitutional Lawyer

A constitutional lawyer specializes in everything to do with the US Constitution. They often represent individuals that pursue a discrimination suit or work within universities.

They can represent people in state courts and the US Supreme Court.

Environmental Lawyer

Alongside global warming, the need for environmental lawyers is increasing. These professionals have expert knowledge of policies set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

They’ll represent government organizations and corporations to help them avoid causing environmental damage. They can work on defense or prosecution sides to ensure the planet’s health is maintained.

Family Lawyer

The most common cases that family lawyers take on relate to divorce. However, they also cover:

  • Child custody
  • Adoption
  • Domestic partnerships
  • Paternity disputes
  • Child welfare.

Extra qualifications aren’t required by law. But some states offer a qualification for lawyers to specialize in family law.

Public Interest Lawyer

A public interest lawyer offers free or discounted services to clients. They often represent people who have been victims of social injustice. Public interest lawyers are usually employed by non-profit organizations and government agencies.

persons hand shaking each other

Public interest lawyers work on healthcare, disability, and environmental cases.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer deals with insolvency issues for both individuals and corporations. They will find solutions for financial restructurings, valuation disputes, and repayment plans.

There are no mandatory extra qualifications to specialize in bankruptcy. But, many lawyers will complete a bankruptcy law certificate.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer usually represents a client who has sustained an injury. Car and workplace accidents are common reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer. Some personal injury lawyers help with medical negligence cases.

Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court. A lawyer such as https://800goldlaw.com/ will ensure the client gets a large payout.

Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers will represent anyone in the arts and performance industry. They help to protect their client’s intellectual property. They’ll negotiate contracts and fee arrangements. Additionally, they’ll chase payments and handle any disputes.

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers help individuals and families gain legal access to the United States. They assist with living, working, and studying in America.

Many people seeking immigration status cannot afford immigration lawyers. Thus, there are several non-profit organizations that employ immigration lawyers. Their goal is to help out vulnerable or low-income individuals.

Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers are specialists in the field of US tax law and regulation. They have a sound understanding of local, state, federal, and international tax requirements. A tax lawyer can represent both individuals and corporations.

Most big corporations will hire tax lawyers to help them pay less tax. While ensuring they stay within the law. Most tax lawyers gain a Masters’s degree in Taxation to enhance their knowledge.

Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers represent anyone that creates concepts, digital items, and physical items.

They’re usually hired by inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs. An intellectual property lawyer will assist with patenting, trademarking, and copyrighting. They’ll ensure that all intellectual property is protected and go to court if needed.

The Types of Lawyers Explained

That’s everything you need to know about the different types of lawyers. Everyone knows that going to court is expensive. So, increase your chances of getting a payout by understanding the legal industry.

Although you could just hire a general lawyer, it’s best to look for someone that’s an expert in the field you need. You’re more likely to win in court if you choose a specialist lawyer.

Various Types of Lawyers Practicing Today

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