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Three Compelling Reasons for Route Optimization

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You might be thinking, why not just use Google maps to optimize your route? Google maps is a great choice when you only have a single route.

However, you’ll need a more advanced approach as a prominent distributor. That’s where route planning comes into play. You’ll be able to pick the perfect route based on proximity, traffic, receiving hours, truck capacity, and more.

Want to know how much a driver spends at each stop? Route planning software can help with that too. But don’t just take our word for it!

Read on to learn the ins and outs of why you need an optimal route planner.

Save Money Immediately with Route Optimization

What’s your current process for optimizing your routes? If you have an employee whose sole job is to find the perfect routes, you’re probably spending too much money. Instead, cut staff costs by investing in the latest delivery route optimization.

Reduce Staff

The cost to keep an employee on the team will far outweigh the cost of investing in path optimization software. Not to mention, employees take days off.

Whereas software works 24/7, all year long. You’ll be able to have optimized routes whenever you need them, instead of having to rely on a 9:00 to 5:00 work schedule.

Avoid Mistakes

Another advantage of choosing the proper optimization software is that you’ll be able to minimize mistakes. Human error is inevitable.

If you’re relying on yourself or another individual to optimize all of the routes, you’re going to mess up eventually. How much will that mistake wind up costing you?

If a customer doesn’t get their delivery on time or a driver winds up wasting half of the day going to the wrong stop, what’s the dollar amount you lose? Chances are it’s hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

After all, things start to add up quickly when you think of the money you’re paying the driver, the fuel costs, and insurance. Quality driving optimization software will make sure that your business is always functioning as efficiently as possible.

Save Gas

Regular gas costs over 58% more than it did this time last year. Thankfully, route planning software will help you cut your fuel costs too.

The software will strategically choose how drivers get from point A to B. By picking routes that keep time and distance low, you’ll be able to cut down on your weekly gas bill.

Increase Profitability while Decreasing Liability

Poorly managed routes can cause drivers to become exhausted, distracted, and unsafe to be on the road. While an adequately managed route will make it easier for you to keep tabs on what driver is doing what and when.

Modern route optimization software can help you create a fair distribution of daily workload. Delivery route optimization will also help you avoid overloading trucks, which can cause unnecessary stress in single-driver situations. By doing everything you can to keep your drivers alert and focused, you’ll be able to minimize your chances of accidents happening!

Improved Insurance Rates

Driving optimization software and advanced GPS technology go hand in hand. Planning the route is just the beginning.

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Discreet GPS trackers will also be able to keep tabs on where your vehicles are at all times. Closely monitored vehicles are less likely to become victims of theft. Even if your car does get stolen, it’ll be easy to recover it.

Real Accountability

Drivers are also less likely to make unsafe driving decisions when they know they’re being held accountable. Your insurance company will probably reward your steps for decreasing your liability.

Once you install the route software, alert your insurance provider. You might be able to enjoy lower insurance rates while also having the best peace of mind.

Advanced Vehicle Maintenance with a Driving Route Optimizer

How much did you spend on your company’s vehicles? Cars tend to be one of the biggest assets companies own.

Maintaining your fleet with a driving route optimizer can help you develop an advanced approach to vehicle maintenance. For instance, the latest software will alert you when a car needs attention using real-time monitoring.

Instant Access

Instead of having to rely on drivers to notify you about check engine lights, get an immediate report with route tracking software. You won’t even have to go into the vehicle to get the report.

The software will send all of the data you need directly to a platform. You’ll be able to access the online platform from any electronic device, including your smartphone.

Avoid Overworking Vehicles

Along with notifying you when a vehicle needs attention, you can also take proactive steps towards preserving your cars. Instead of scheduling one vehicle to make all of the long runs, you’ll be able to distribute the workload among the fleet. You’ll also be cutting down on trip time with an optimized route, saving on wear and tear.

Making Smart Moves

Every year, speeding claims thousands of lives. Speeding can also cause unnecessary damage to your vehicles. Thankfully you’ll be able to set your route optimization software to monitor every driving habit.

You’ll be able to see when your drivers are speeding, idling, or parked. If you notice that a driver is having issues with speeding, you’ll be able to address it immediately.

Avoid U-Turns

You can also configure the software to choose the safest type of turns. For instance, U-turns and left turns are notoriously dangerous out on the road. You can ask the software to avoid making left turns whenever possible and avoid u-turns altogether.

Scale your Business

At the end of the day, route planning software will help you decrease liability while increasing profitability. It’ll be easier for you to scale your business since you’ll know every aspect of what your drivers are doing. You’ll know who’s doing what, when, and where!

Route planning software gives business owners the ultimate power to run their company efficiently. So go ahead and start getting quotes from different route optimization software companies today.

Three Compelling Reasons for Route Optimization

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