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Todd from Bojack Horseman – The Character you’ll be looking for


The entertainment industry is full of interesting and complex characters, and one of the most fascinating is Todd Bojack Horseman written by The Mastermind: Raphael Bob-Waksberg. Though on the surface he may seem like just another Hollywood hanger-on, Todd has proven over the years to be much more than that. He is a lovable misfit who despite his lack of direction or ambition, somehow always ends up Landing on his feet. Todd’s eternal optimism and loyalty make him an endearing character, even as Bojack himself continues to spiral downward.

As we follow Todd’s journey from couch surfer to entrepreneur and beyond, it’s clear there’s more below the surface than meets the eye. He’s a testament to never judging a book by its cover.

Relationship with BoJack Horseman

Todd Chavez has a complex friendship with BoJack Horseman on the show. Though they are roommates and spend a lot of time together, their relationship is often strained. Todd looks up to BoJack as a mentor and father figure at times, despite BoJack’s selfish behavior. Meanwhile, BoJack constantly puts Todd down and takes advantage of his good nature.

However, Todd remains loyal to BoJack through many ups and downs. At his best, BoJack tries to look out for Todd, gives him advice, and helps him discover new passions. The two truly rely on each other, as seen when Todd becomes homeless and crashes with BoJack after leaving his home. Their bond deepens in later seasons as BoJack makes more of an effort to be supportive of Todd’s endeavors.

Though Todd is often on the receiving end of BoJack’s callousness, he seems to understand BoJack’s emotional damage and sticks by his side. Their friendship provides emotional anchors for both characters.

Who Voices Todd in Bojack Horseman


Todd Bojack Horseman’s voice in the series is quite impressive and people are curious to know who’s behind it! Not to miss, Aaron Paul voices the character in this adult animated comedy series. Aaron Paul is an American actor best known for playing Jesse Pinkman in the AMC series Breaking Bad.

Todd is BoJack’s longtime housemate and friend, despite BoJack constantly belittling him. Todd is portrayed as a well-meaning but directionless 20-something who drifts through life and never holds down a real job. Paul brings charm and humor to the role of Todd, helping make him one of the most beloved characters on the show. His vocal performance as Todd has been praised, capturing the character’s enthusiasm and guileless nature.

Besides BoJack Horseman, Paul has also done voice acting work in animated films and TV shows such as Turbo FAST, Central Park, and Big Mouth.

Todd Bojack Horseman Personality

How Old Is Todd Bojack Horseman

Todd Chavez’s age is revealed to be 24 years old during the first season of BoJack Horseman. This means he is in his mid-20s when we are introduced to his character. Being in his 20s places Todd at a transitional time in his life, figuring out his path and purpose. His youthfulness contributes to his energetic, upbeat personality and why he looks up to Bojack as a mentor figure early on in their friendship. Todd’s age also informs some of his naivete and lack of direction.

Todd Bojack Horseman Zodiac Sign

As per the Internet, Todd Chavez’s zodiac sign is Pisces. Those born under the sign of Pisces are described as imaginative, empathetic, and intuitive. These Pisces traits align well with Todd’s personality and character arc. He demonstrates creativity and imagination through his various entrepreneurial ventures and enthusiasm. Todd also shows empathy for others, even those who mistreat him like Bojack. However, Todd’s unrelenting optimism and obliviousness to certain harsh realities could be considered the downsides of his Pisces nature. His zodiac sign provides further insight into his dreamy, compassionate approach to life.

How Tall Is Todd Bojack Horseman


Based on the model sheets for BoJack Horseman, Todd Chavez is 5’2″ tall. At this height, he is shorter than the other main characters like Bojack, Diane, and Princess Carolyn. His short stature contributes to his youthful, innocent appearance and personality. Being only 5’2″ also makes some of Todd’s physical comedy moments funnier. Overall, Todd’s below average height compared to the rest of the cast adds to his characterization as naive but lovable.

Todd’s Impact on Other Characters

Todd Chavez has a significant impact on other characters in the show. Despite his initially comedic role as BoJack’s lovable and eccentric friend, Todd’s presence grows throughout the series, influencing like:

  • BoJack: Todd is BoJack’s friend and roommate for much of the show. Their friendship is complex – Todd looks up to BoJack in some ways, but also calls out his toxic behavior at times. Ultimately Todd distances himself from BoJack to establish healthier boundaries.
  • Princess Carolyn: Todd is often a source of random chaos and problems for Princess Carolyn. However, he also supports her at times, like when he helps take care of her newborn baby.
  • Emily: Todd briefly dates Emily, which strains his friendship with BoJack. Their relationship highlights Todd’s character growth as he stands up for himself more.
  • Yolanda: Todd dates Yolanda and their relationship helps Todd realize and accept he is asexual. Yolanda helps validate Todd’s identity.
  • His Parents: Todd reconnects with his parents and confronts them about not accepting his asexuality. This is a big moment of empowerment for Todd.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter: Todd often gets involved in wacky hijinks with Mr. Peanutbutter, who he rooms with for part of the show. Their zany adventures highlight Todd’s spontaneity.

Who Does Todd End Up With Bojack

In “BoJack Horseman,” Todd Chavez ends up with Maude, a rabbit who is also asexual. Todd realizes his asexuality in the season 3 finale and initially dates Yolanda, also asexual, but they realize they’re not compatible. Todd then meets Maude through his asexual dating app, “All About That Ace.” They start dating, and Todd moves in with her after landing a job at VIM. At the series’ end, Todd reconnects with BoJack at Princess Carolyn’s wedding.

So, What Does Todd Represent In Bojack Horseman

Overall, Todd serves as a multilayered character in BoJack Horseman, embodying youth, optimism, asexuality, morality, nonconformity, and loyalty. His presence on the show adds depth and diversity to the cast of characters, challenging stereotypes and offering a unique perspective on life. Todd’s firm loyalty and moral compass make him a beacon of light in the dark world of Hollywood, reminding us of the importance of staying true to ourselves and standing up for what is right. As the show progresses, Todd continues to evolve and grow, becoming a beloved fan favorite for his quirky personality and heartwarming moments.

Todd from Bojack Horseman – The Character you’ll be looking for

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