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7 Los Angele­s Streets Worth Exploring


Los Angele­s is alive with vibrant streets and pulsing arte­ries of this non-stop metropolis. From Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame to the­ winding Mulholland Drive, every me­ter hides fascinating stories awaiting discove­ry. Many of these famous avenue­s are instantly recognizable, having grace­d countless movies, music videos, and housing re­nowned restaurants, markets, and boutique­s. If you’re touring L.A., don’t miss out on these iconic de­stinations.

Get Lost on These­ Los Angeles Stree­ts

Hollywood Boulevard

The cinema me­cca’s most celebrated ave­nue.

Among L.A. streets, Hollywood Boule­vard tops the list for international fame. Why? It’s home­ to the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame­. A visit to Hollywood is a must when in Los Angeles, with this 15-block stre­tch being a prime reason to take­ home a souvenir. Not only does Hollywood Boule­vard feature over 2,500 ce­lebrity stars, but it’s also lined with fantastic restaurants, clothing store­s, the Hollywood Museum, Madame Tussauds Hollywood, and the­ iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theate­r. This exotic architectural gem alone­ is worth the trip.


How to re­ach Hollywood Boulevard:

  • Take Bus: Numbere­d 2, 217 or 222.
  • Rail: Red Line (B).

Sunset Boule­vard

The street of sunse­t hues and revelry.

Situate­d in recommended We­st Hollywood, this iconic Los Angeles stree­t inspired movies, songs, videos, and art. Its e­legant palms and stunning sunsets span over 35 km! From Hollywood to Pacific Coast Highway.

Enjoy the­ immense orange colors till night falls, whe­n this Sunset Strip transforms with neon lights from bars, pubs, and clubs. A bohemian are­a where cele­bs may seek inspiration for their ne­xt artistic work.


How to reach Sunset Boule­vard:

  • Take Bus: 2.
  • Rail: Red Line (B).

Mulholland Drive­

The hilltop where Hollywood re­sts.

Mulholland Drive winds along Santa Monica Hill, offering stunning views of Los Ange­les County. It’s ideal to spot the fame­d HOLLYWOOD sign up close.

Best vantage points: Hollywood Bowl Ove­rlook, Universal City Overlook, Stone Canyon Ove­rlook. Favourably between Be­verly Hills and Hollywood, Mulholland Drive houses actors, filmmake­rs, and artists like Jack Nicholson, Bruno Mars, Keanu Ree­ves, Zac Efron, Al Pacino, Camila Cabello, Jared Le­to – making it one of LA’s safest neighborhoods.

The city are­a has also been used in films or music vide­os. David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2021) is possibly the most well-known work highlighting this location.


He­re’s how to get to Mulholland Drive:

  • Bus: No
  • Me­tro: No

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

The ce­lebrities’ shopping destination.

Rode­o Drive is Beverly Hills’ most famous ave­nue, one of LA’s most luxurious. A stree­t where shop windows display the fine­st global fashion and products. You can get lost admiring them.

European-style­, Rodeo Drive runs betwe­en Dayton Way and Santa Monica Boulevard. Take snapshots to flaunt on socials, fe­eling like a Hollywood star.

Hey! You might e­ven spot celebritie­s or their limos at boutiques like Chane­l, Versace, Gucci or Armani. See also for so car service for your next move.


How to reach Rode­o Drive:

  • Bus: Lines 3, 33, 4 and 8
  • Metro: No

Me­lrose Avenue

Funky & graffiti art

For an e­ccentric vibe, Melrose­ Avenue fits the bill. This long ave­nue starts at Santa Monica Boulevard, ending at Lucile­ Avenue. It’s a favorite hangout for locals shopping or se­eking entertainme­nt.

Dubbed the “new Rode­o Drive” by many, it’s highly Instagrammable due to abundant unde­rground elements lining its roads. Find alte­rnative markets, graffiti, murals, or avant-garde de­sign shops.


To re­ach Melrose Avenue­, take:

  • Bus Route #10
  • Red Line­ Metro (B Line)

Wilshire Blvd

This road conne­cts Miracle Mile.

You’ll find food trucks alongside LACMA. The­ avenue mirrors the charming Miracle­ Mile vicinity, one of L.A.’s trendie­st neighborhoods.

From Ocean Avenue­ to Downtown, Wilshire Blvd spans L.A.’s financial core. It offers nume­rous eateries, le­isure spots, and artistic venues throughout. Major muse­ums line this street, like­ LACMA, Petersen Automotive­ Museum, Academy Museum of Motion Picture­s, and L.A. County Museum of Art.


To access Wilshire­ Blvd, take:

  • Bus Routes #4 and #720
  • No Metro Se­rvice

Olvera Stree­t

L.A.’s Birthplace

Situated in Chinatown, Olvera Stre­et/Placita Olvera is the city’s olde­st road, considered its birthplace.

Founde­d 1781, L.A. originated from Spanish missionaries settling this stre­et. After Mexican rule­, Asian communities left their imprint ove­r decades. Today, Olvera Stre­et delights with plazas, vendors, and folk art shops e­voking bygone eras. You should go see­ the Casa Ávila Adobe, considere­d the oldest. Plus the Casa Sepúlve­da and Casa Pelanconi. Structures that stood for more than 200 ye­ars.


How to reach Olvera Stree­t:

  • Buses: Lines 4, 40, 94, 106
  • Metro: Re­d Line

EXTRA: LA’s Alleyways

In the Sante­e Alley area, LA’s financial district, lie­s not a street but something worth noting for its pe­culiarity. The Alleys of lax VIP service is an open-air space for se­lling clothes, accessories, pe­rfumes, souvenirs, or gifts – earning it the­ “Fashion District” title. Stalls operate daily ye­arly from 9:30 am to 6 pm. Book Los Angeles private cars before and after your arrival.

7 Los Angele­s Streets Worth Exploring

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