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Everything you Need to Know About Hemp Products

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Did you know that hemp officially became legal to farm and produce in 2018? Since then, hemp products receive plenty of attention from farmers, producers, and researchers alike. But what is hemp exactly? Keep reading to find out!

Hemp vs Marijuana: Are they Both Cannabis?

Both hemp and marijuana derive from the plant named cannabis. All three of these names are often used interchangeably, and scientifically, it is correct. However, by law, these terms mean different things.

What is Cannabis?

Let’s first examine the term cannabis. There are two main stains in cannabis knows as:

  • Cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis indica

Depending on the strain, cannabis has different effects. For example, Sativa interacts with the human body in such a way that it creates focus and energy. It is usually called the “daytime strain” for these reasons. The Indica strain provides different types of benefits. Opposite of Sativa, this strain relaxes and puts people at ease. This strain is often linked to fighting depression and headaches.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is often associated with THC, the chemical compound that creates the psychoactive high. While legally, this is the correct term, this is not the scientific term used for THC.

Marijuana, unfortunately, has racist undertones as it was associated with Mexicans that immigrated to America in the 20th century. During this time, cannabis was actually legal but was later banned due to the propaganda surrounding the word that included racial slurs and misconceptions.

What is Hemp?

Hemp derives from the Sativa strain and is technically cannabis. The difference is that hemp has a very low dose of THC. In the US, cannabis is considered hemp when the THC content is at or lower than 0.3%.


Hemp produces many different products. Hemp products are more sustainable as they have a smaller footprint, produce more pulp than wood, and even help the soil make nutrients.

Different Hemp Products

Hemp is used in many different products from textiles, paper, food, and even building materials. Each part of the plant is used so that it produces less waste.

CBD products are also hemp derivatives. CBD oil comes in different forms, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the chemical compounds of cannabis, including THC. For more information, check out this article!

CBD and hemp are linked to several studies that show various health benefits for many ailments. Recent studies suggest that CBD can aid in depression, arthritis, muscle recovery, and even epilepsy. While research is still scarce, more and more benefits are discovered as cannabis is socially and legally accepted.

Hemp Products: Sustainable and Healthy

Studies suggest that hemp products and other cannabis products are great for both the environment and for our health. However, talk to your doctor before you take any CBD, THC, or other cannabis products.

Everything you Need to Know About Hemp Products

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