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5 Things to know Before Buying the Best Wall Beds for you

5 Things to Know Before Buying the Best Wall Beds for You

For many people, the bedroom is not just a room for sleeping. They use it as a home gym before leaving for work or school. You may also have wanted to use your room as a gym but only to realize your room is small.

Your room could be small because of the type of bed you have. Some beds occupy so much space, thus limiting other activities you can do in your bedroom. If you want space in your room, then you can purchase a wall bed. But purchasing best wall beds can be difficult, mainly if you are a first-time buyer. Lack of awareness about wall beds can land you in hot water.

So, if you’re looking to buy this adaptable furniture for your family room, there are factors to consider. Continue reading to know more.

Bed Sizes

Wall beds come in different sizes: king murphy bed, queen murphy bed, twin murphy bed, and full murphy bed. When you buy one of the four beds, you must consider the number of people and your room size. King murphy beds are suitable for rooms with enough horizontal space. This wall bed is rather expensive. So if you want an affordable murphy bed, you may choose any from the remaining three wall beds.

A queen murphy bed is small and can only accommodate two people. A full murphy bed resembles a queen murphy bed. But it limits your sleeping position. For instance, two people cannot sleep side by side in a full murphy bed.

Since the queen murphy bed is small, it offers you more space than the other wall beds. Some people use the extra space to add more cabinets. A twin murphy bed is ideal for children and guests as it comprises two murphy beds. This bed is perfect for people who constantly have guests.

Bed Warranty

The best wall beds company issues you with a warrant even before asking for it. A warranty signifies to the buyer that the company is genuine. If your murphy bed malfunctions during the warranty period, the company will install another wall bed for you at no cost.

Bed warranties can range anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Buying from a company with no bed warranty means you will incur a lot of costs. First, you will need to install a new one at your cost since there is no proof you bought it from a certain manufacturer.

The warranty also helps you in case you need to take legal action against your bed dealer. For instance, if a dealer refuses to fix your bed under the warranty period, you can present the warranty in court as proof to compel the dealer to repair your wall bed.

Wood Type

The type of wood determines the durability of wall beds. Wall beds made from hardwoods like birch and oak last longer compared to particleboard beds. Hardwoods are denser than particle boards, so they cannot easily break.


As a result, hardwood beds can accommodate as many people as possible, regardless of their sizes. It is not uncommon for you to hear instances whereby people were so heavy that they broke their beds. If you are overweight, you will have to be selective. Despite hardwood beds being durable, some people still opt for other bed materials. Hardwood murphy beds are generally more expensive compared to other bed materials.

The Finishing

Comfort is not the only reason people buy wall beds. The appearance of your bed also matters. Guests can be judgmental when they are made to sleep in a bed resembling the one used during the Civil War era.

Visually appealing walls tend to be costly. You may be wondering whether it is possible to have an affordable, attractive bed. You can have a plain-looking wall bed but make it look expensive than it appears. All the bed needs is a good paint job. For instance, a solid wood veneer finishing gives the bed an appealing and costly feel.

For the murphy bed to retain the finishing, use water-based finishes. Other finishes cause the wood to change its appearance to a dull color. The finishing should make the bed’s color match with the rest of the room furniture.

Fold Type

There are two main fold types; vertical and horizontal. Before you settle for a fold, consider the dimensions of your room. For instance, if your room has a high ceiling with ample floor space, you can opt for the vertical fold type. Also, you could still go for the horizontal one.

For rooms with low ceilings and small floor space, choose the horizontal fold. Your vertical fold will be too high for the roof. If you install it, then the odds are high that your murphy bed will come tumbling down.

Sometimes, you may not know your room’s measurements. In this case, ask the dealer to organize a visit to your home and determine the best bed fold for you. To understand how these beds look like and work, you can click this link https://www.wallbedsbywilding.com/murphy-beds/.

Apply these Tips to Acquire the Best Wall Beds

Buying the best wall beds entails so much. It is costly to buy the wrong wall bed since you may run from shop to shop. Buying the wrong wall bed can be expensive if it fails to fit in your room. Before rushing to buy the bed, consult your dealer.

Your dealer should walk you through some of the tips mentioned above. A good dealer is thus not quick to sell before advising you.

5 Things to know Before Buying the Best Wall Beds for you

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