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The Brief and Only Firearm Safety Checklist you’ll Ever Need

The Brief and Only Firearm Safety Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that around 500 people die each year because of unintentional shootings? Owning a gun gives you the ability to go hunting, have fun shooting targets, and protect your home.

While there are several benefits to owning a gun, they are dangerous weapons. If you don’t know how to use your gun or you don’t follow the proper safety guidelines, you risk hurting yourself or others. Do you want to learn more about firearm safety? If so, keep reading to learn more about being a safe firearm owner.

Point the Muzzle in a Safe Direction

One of the most important gun safety rules is to always point the muzzle in a safe direction. When you are cleaning, loading, unloading, or doing anything else with your gun, never point it at other people.

It’s also important that you don’t point it in a direction where it can ricochet. If guns were always pointed in safe directions, they would never unintentionally harm anyone.

Unload the Gun when not in Use

When you are not using your gun, you should unload it. Many gun accidents happen because someone leaves ammunition in the gun, and another person assumes it is not loaded. The only time your gun should be loaded is when you are shooting it. Any other time, take out the ammunition.

Know your Target

Before shooting your gun, make sure you know your target and that the area around the target is clear. Always check behind the target for people, animals, or hard surfaces for the bullet to ricochet.

If you take your gun hunting, don’t fire your gun because you hear movement. Know what you are firing at first. To improve your aim when hunting, consider getting an optic at rkbarmory.com.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

If you want to be a smart firearm owner, you should always wear personal protective equipment anytime you shoot a gun. You should wear safety glasses when shooting a gun, cleaning it, or loading it.

4 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Gun

If the gun malfunctions, small particles can get into your eyes and damage them. Guns are loud enough to damage your ears, so be sure to wear ear protection.

Store the Gun in a Safe Place

When you aren’t using your gun, you should always store it in a safe place. This will prevent children from playing with it and accidentally firing it. To store your gun, lock it in a gun safe.

Leave your Finger off the Trigger

Another important gun safety tip is to leave your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. If your finger isn’t on the trigger, you are less likely to fire the gun on accident.

Keep yourself and others Safe with these Firearm Safety Tips

Shooting a gun is a great way to have fun, go hunting, and protect your home. If you have a gun, you must keep these firearm safety tips in mind. Being safe with your gun can be the difference between life and death.

The Brief and Only Firearm Safety Checklist you’ll Ever Need

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