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4 Firearm Training Tips for Beginners

4 Firearm Training Tips for Beginners

Americans are big on firearms ownership, with civilians owning an estimated 393 million guns as of 2020. That makes the US the top nation in the world in firearms per capita.

There are many good reasons to own a gun, from protection and defense to social connection and recreation. But owning a gun without proper firearm training can be extremely dangerous, both to you and to the people around you. If you’re thinking of purchasing a gun, here are four practical gun training tips to help you handle your weapon safely at all times.

Choose the Right Equipment

The first crucial step in gun safety training is to ensure that you have the right gun for you. Choose from these brands a gun that perfectly fits your body shape and strength. Consider your preferences as well. If you’re a gun enthusiast, you already have a good idea of which gun models you like the most, even if you haven’t actually handled them yet.

If you aren’t sure which type of firearm to choose, try different models and see what you feel comfortable with. Your instructor may also be able to recommend some good options for beginners. Remember to wear the right ear and eye protection during your training.

Consider your Gun Loaded at all Times

Many gun accidents happen as a result of gun bearers being too overconfident. Always stay on the safe side and handle every weapon with extreme caution. Assuming that the gun is loaded when you pick it up will help you practice caution.

Never point a gun at anything that’s not a target, even if the weapon is unloaded. Avoid placing your finger on the trigger if you aren’t about to fire. Before firing, ensure you’re fully aware of your target, as well as what might be behind it.

Choose the Right Shooting Range

Many of the mistakes gun bearers make are committed at the start of firearm training. However, having a seasoned gun professional to guide you on accurate shooting can make all the difference.


With about 11,471 shooting ranges in the US at the moment, you can always find a facility with dependable gun instructors to help you train. Besides having a team of professionals to guide beginners, a good shooting range is well-ventilated to avert lead and chemical poisoning.

Practice makes Perfect

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to give up firearm training after a few days. Some people assume that just because they’ve learned a couple of basics, they’re good to go.

In reality, safe gun handling is a mechanical skill that requires consistency in practice. If what you’re looking for are quick results, then you’re at a huge disadvantage. Take the time to practice thoroughly, and soon you’ll have no trouble handling your weapon safely.

Firearm Training is Essential to Safe Gun Handling

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of firearm training for anyone who wants to own a gun. Take the time to expose yourself to quality gun training and consistent training, and soon you’ll move from novice to expert. This way, you can confidently be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones.

4 Firearm Training Tips for Beginners

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