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Clean your Clutter: How to Declutter Fast

Clean Your Clutter How to Declutter Fast

A clean and organized home is not only a matter of aesthetics it’s a matter of mental and physical health. The quality of your environment is essential to the quality of your “mental hygiene.”

Clutter is much more than a mess of things or untidy stuff it’s a symbol of our mental wellbeing. When we procrastinate making decisions or fail to prioritize aspects of our lives, we end up with clutter. More clutter may also cause more stress, and prolonged stress can lead to devastating health effects. In contrast, a decluttered life is more peaceful and less mentally taxing. Although decluttering itself is a difficult job, the benefits outweigh the investment. If you’re planning to have guests this holiday season, you may need to learn how to declutter fast. Check out the guide below for decluttering tips.

How to Declutter Fast

The holidays are right around the corner and anyone hosting family and friends needs to get started on decluttering their home right away. Here’s how to declutter a room.

Start with Trash

The easiest things to remove when decluttering are trash. Anything that’s broken, expired, empty, or dried up should be immediately tossed into a trash bag. Do not start with rooms that contain the most sentimental items as these can take longer to sort. Places like the kitchen, office, or bathroom might be easier.

One Drawer at a Time

Drawers are often filled with the odds and ends we don’t know what to do with. Organizing them can get overwhelming, so make sure to tackle them one at a time. Prepare yourself to let go of unused items to free up valuable space.

open drawer

Set Up a Sorting Area

Another way to deal with cluttered drawers and other odds and ends is to set up a sorting area before you begin decluttering. The sorting area should have a few labeled boxes for papers, donation, recycling, keeping, and undecided.

Take Regular Breaks

Decluttering an entire home is both mentally and physically taxing. Make sure to schedule regular breaks for food, water, stretching, or just taking a walk. Additionally, decluttering is a lot more fun with some music on.

Hire Professionals

Hiring the assistance of a maid for a few hours can be really affordable and help save you time. There are even people who’ve made careers as professional organizers. For really big decluttering projects, look into Junk Removal. Professionals can come in and remove the junk for you, making your job a lot easier.

Keeping your Home Clutter-Free

Once you learn how to declutter fast, you can work good habits and routines into your life to keep it that way. All these things seem to accumulate of their own accord, but they don’t have to stay. Make sure to schedule regular purges of your home to keep it clutter-free.

Clean your Clutter: How to Declutter Fast

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