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What are the Main types of Generators for your Home?

What Are the Main Types of Generators for Your Home

The demand for home generators has surged in the last year amid the growth of extreme weather events across the country. Homeowners are recognizing that they might need one now no matter where they live, and they don’t want to be left without power when they need it most.

Knowing your options can be hard, however, if you’re unfamiliar with the types of generators that are available on the market. That’s where we come in. Read on to learn more about the generator options that are available on the market.

Diesel Generators

Did you know that diesel is one of the least flammable fuel sources? On top of that, these types of generators come with higher durability, lower maintenance levels, and they last a long time. They also burn at a cooler temperature than gasoline generators do, so there isn’t as much burden being placed on the engine as a whole.

Natural Gas Generators

These generators require either liquefied petroleum gas or propane to produce their energy, which are among some of the most readily available resources on the market. With natural gas lines running to a number of homes, they’re also reliable. The gas is also cheaper than a lot of other alternatives, and they’re pretty quiet overall.

Gasoline Generators

Quite possibly the most common type of generator, gasoline generators are always easy to power, and they’re usually budget-friendly. The one downside, however, is that gasoline is a hot commodity when natural weather events occur, and it can be hard to acquire if you’re not quick when the warnings set in. They are, however, pretty small and easy to move around, making them easy to store. You can also them when you’re camping, traveling, or if you’re on a worksite.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are most commonly powered by gas or diesel, and they’re great in emergency situations. They even come with enough power to run TVs, freezers, and refrigerators.

portable power station

With proper generator installation, you can have them wired into the sub-panel of your home, and you can just plug all your appliances directly into the power sockets of the generator itself. These generators are, therefore, great if you’re a homeowner and get stuck in a short-term power outage. You don’t have to worry about food going bad or losing power to essential appliances in your home.

Solar Generators

Solar generators are by far the most environmentally-friendly option on this list. They also, however, come with the longest charge time. You’re typically looking at 8 hours of charging time to get a full battery. They’re capable of running anything other generators are capable of, though.

Why do the types of Generators Matter?

When it comes to the different types of generators, they matter for your home because you never know when you’re going to need one. Taking some time to consider what you’d like for your home in case an emergency ever hit can make a huge difference when the time comes for you to purchase one.

What are the Main types of Generators for your Home?

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