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Make your Baby’s First-Time Outdoors Comfortable: 5 Tips


Your baby’s first steps make you feel proud and happy. Most babies start to walk before they turn one and master the art gradually. When your little one is ready to explore the outside world and its different terrains, you must look for the best shoes to support their delicate feet. Until then, they should practice with their bare feet.

The best walking shoes for baby should look chic and feel comfortable. Listed below are some simple pointers to remember while shopping for your first baby shoes.

Get the Right Fit

The shoes must fit comfortably without too much wiggle room. When the shoes are too tight, they make the baby uncomfortable and leave marks on the soft skin. Babies are often known to kick off their shoes. Some babies take their shoes off and start playing with them when left unattended. When the shoes fit loosely, it becomes effortless for the kids to remove them.

Keep Up with AAP Guidelines

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics offers a few recommendations for buying the best walking shoes for a baby. They are:

  • Buy shoes with closed toes.
  • Avoid shoes with inserts, arches, or wedges.
  • Ensure the fitting is 100% accurate.
  • Do not compromise on the comfort factor.

Keep up with the Baby’s Taste

When your baby is attracted to the shoe, the higher the chance of it staying on your baby’s feet for a long time. If your baby does not feel good about the shoe for any reason, you should stay away from that pair.


Recommended Shoe Types

Simple shoes with no luxurious features are the best ones. You may invest in shoes with laces, velcro, or elastic heel bands to adjust the shoes to your baby’s feet. Most often, the velcro is easier to remove than the laces for your baby. Most shoes with laces stay put for longer. Also, high-top sneakers or leather ankle boots tend to stay longer than low-cut styles.

Shoes made from cloth, leather, or canvas can stretch and are more comfortable than plastic or rubber. Pick a square or oval-shaped pair of shoes based on the dimensions of your baby’s feet. Ensure the sole has enough grip to prevent falling. A moderately grooved sole that is made from leather works best.

Follow the Right Steps

To find the best walking shoes for a baby, you must follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Measure both the baby’s feet. If there is a difference in size between the two feet, opt for the larger size.
  • Step 2: When you find a pair you like, do the thumb test. The thumb test ensures a minimum of half an inch between the tip of the shoe and the baby’s longest toe.
  • Step 3: Let the baby try on the pair and take a few steps around the store. While walking, make sure the heel does not slide off easily.

Babies outgrow shoes quickly. The thumb test can help to ensure proper fit always.

Make your Baby’s First-Time Outdoors Comfortable: 5 Tips

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