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The Complete Guide to Getting a Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed carry purses are a good option for self-defense. No one wants to be caught in a dangerous situation without a means of protection. Concealed carry purses offer a secretive protective device that won’t frighten nearby individuals.

If you want to know if concealed carry purses are right for you, look no further. We will take a deep dive into the concealed carry purse to give you everything you need to know before undergoing concealed carry training and purchasing your own purse.

What is Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry refers to carrying a weapon on your person in some fashion that is concealed. While concealed carry is often associated with guns, it could also include knives or other weapons such as a collapsing baton.

Typically a person will secure a handgun at their side using the holster. They conceal it from view using their clothing, and those nearby do not know that they are armed.

The United States is one of the only countries that allows its citizens to do this. Other countries such as South Africa and the Czech Republic have followed suit, but in these locations is a more rare privilege bestowed on only select citizens.

It wasn’t always this way. For the majority of US history, was illegal to concealed carry while open carry was allowed. Later in the 20th century, several states passed legislation that forbade public carry without a permit.

These states typically made it nearly impossible to receive this permit. However, a few states, when changing their laws, created a permit that was much more accessible to their citizens. Other states began to follow suit until only a few states were left with restrictive legislation.

What is a Concealed Carry Purse?

If you’re considering buying a concealed carry purse for your firearm, you need to make sure that you do plenty of research beforehand. Part of that planning involves deciding what you want to put inside your purse in general, and what type of person you want to use for concealed carry.

When you are going about selecting a new concealed carry purse, there are many more considerations than just deciding on a simple holster. If you pick the proper purse for your needs you will be able to ensure safety security and improved use of your firearm in dangerous situations.

You will also need to make sure that you have bought the correct firearm for the size of purse that you buy.

What is a Concealed Carry Purse?

The concealed carry purse is a specific purse designed to carry a firearm or other related accessories like holsters that can be attached inside the purse with a concealed carry permit. If you want to use a purse for your concealed carry weapon, you will be best off if you purchase a purse that’s designed specifically for this functionality. This will be the safest option for carrying your equipment and staying within the law.

Concealed carry purses are great choices if you want to make sure that you are staying safe while still having access to self-defense options in a dangerous situation.

In reality, concealed carry purses simply are not as convenient as a holster that you place on your side or belt buckle. But with some training, you’ll be able to use the purse very effectively in no time. They aren’t for everyone; some people do not like the look or are unwilling to carry around a purse.

However the majority of concealed carry purse owners are women, and this population continues to grow every year.

What Should a Concealed Carry Purse Have?

There are several specific components to a concealed carry purse that you want to make sure you find in the product description before buying. Of course, you may prioritize style but may come to realize that what you truly want is a useful compartment and addition to improving the overall use and accessibility of your purse.

The most important thing to look out for is a dedicated compartment to carry your weapon. It is very unsafe to drop a loaded firearm in your purse. You want to make sure that your weapon is securely fastened inside the purse so that no inadvertent events occur.

You also want to make sure that your concealed carry purse includes a holder, either a holder that is built into the purse or one that can be added on as an additional accessory. The carry compartment is distinct from the holder, and you’ll need to make sure that you have both of them for safety.

You’ll need to make sure that you have a holster that is correctly fitted to your weapon. This of course improves safety and protection but also makes the weapon easier to use and more accessible.

For long-term carrying, you will want to have a purse that is appropriately sized for you with a comfortable strap that sits easily on the hip. Comfort is truly one of the most important features beyond the primary safety considerations. You may also be carrying other items such as a pocketbook, your phone, wallet, or other documentation or personal items.

What are the Sizes of Concealed Carry Purses?

There are many different types and sizes of concealed carry purses available. You want to make sure that yours is durable and comfortable for all-day carry. A well-built concealed carry purse could run you nearly $300 or $400.

As with anything, size and quality will be the greatest determinants of price.

Size is probably the most important consideration. Smaller purses work well as they are much easier to pick up on the go, and they also reduce additional clutter within the purse during daily use. Having fewer items within the purse means that you’ll have better accessibility in a moment of crisis should it arise.

Concealed Carry Purses

Medium-size purses will offer slightly increase capacity but are still nimble and easy to hang on your side. Larger purses have much greater capacity, but this can be a drawback as clutter and get in the way of your hand reaching for the weapon. These purses may also become very heavy and you may be less likely to carry them around with you.

Preparing to Use a Concealed Carry Purse

You will need to take a concealed carry purse everywhere you go, so it’s important to hold it in a way that is accessible and comfortable. Generally, you will hold the purse just as you would any other. The difference is that you will need to practice reaching into the purse for self-defense.

It is advisable to practice holding your purse at your side at all times for about a week before ever placing the weapon inside of it. Practice holding the purse with an unloaded gun for another week, and ensure that you are comfortable walking around with the additional weight. Finally, once you have completed concealed carry training and received your permit, you may insert a loaded gun, but do this only when you are truly ready.

Again, safety is of the utmost importance here. Only insert a loaded gun into your concealed carry purse once you have been legally trained and are fully ready and comfortable using the purse.

Accessing your Gun in Self-Defense

Compared to using a holster, a conceal and carry purse is definitively less accessible. However, drawing the gun or other weapon can be easier by comparison.

It is important to note again that other objects could affect your ability to reach a weapon quickly. Do your best to regularly remove unnecessary items and clutter from the purse to improve safety.

If you choose to carry your weapon in the purse, it is essential to practice drawing your gun on your own time in a comfortable controlled situation.

Concealed carry is only beneficial to you if you’re able to truly access your gun in time. Therefore practice will be one of the most essential and important tools you have in your holster so to speak.

Try to locate a nearby range that allows you to draw directly from the holster. If you can do this, you will have a perfect training ground to practice shooting and simply drawing the gun from its holster. Attempt to put yourself in a real-life scenario to improve your confidence bringing your weapon with you, drawing, and shooting only if necessary.

Owning a Concealed Carry Purse Around Children

As you will have been trained, the right to use a concealed carry purse requires the utmost level of security and safety at all times. This includes the location of where you store and keep your purse. If there is any chance that your purse will be in the presence of children, is even more important to ensure that your firearm is stored securely and completely out of reach.

Preventing accidental discharge is your responsibility. Because of the fact that concealed carry persons include quick access panels, by nature they are not safe to keep around children in the house. If you are around children using a purse with a quick access panel, you should seek to replace the purse as quick access panels are entirely unsafe with children around.

In any event, you must always have your purse on your person at all times and never put the bag down in the presence of children. You must store your purse in an inaccessible location to young kids, ideally not just using elevated height, but also locks or additional methods of security.

Knowing Local Concealed Carry Laws

Most states have unique concealed carry laws. To be compliant with the law, you will need to do your due diligence. If you choose to concealed carry using a purse, it is paramount to research your local and state laws before purchasing a purse.

You should be able to find most local and state concealed carry laws using government websites. For more information about concealed carry and firearm reciprocity in Utah, see Concealed Coalition’s information.

Choosing a Firearm for your Concealed Carry Purse

There are several factors you want to consider when choosing a firearm to go inside of your concealed carry purse. The most important consideration in size. Choosing a firearm that is not heavy or burdensome will likely be the most important factor in your decision.

The weight will matter as much as the size will, so try to locate a firearm that is exceptionally lightweight. The only exception to this is if you want or prefer a smoother shot with less recoil, in which case you want to carry a heavier gun. But just remember that you will be taking the person everywhere, and any weight will become noticeable with time.

Typically the best type of firearm to use with the concealed carry purse is a revolver. This is because you may only have one shot, and if you don’t have around inside the chamber, you won’t have any shot. Carrying a revolver solves this problem and creates a simple solution.

Finally, you want to make sure that you select a firearm that you’re comfortable shooting. Make sure that it can be secured properly, and isn’t too heavy to carry around.

Is a Concealed Carry Purse Right for you?

The concealed carry purse is an attractive option for many people, especially women, who want a compact option for self-defense. Do you live in a state with liberal legislation for concealed carry and are you willing to undergo advanced training for safety? We encourage the concealed carry purse as a protection mechanism.

These purses can be taken anywhere to give an added measure of safety and peace of mind. They are highly functional and relatively safe to use with appropriate training and gun handling.

The Complete Guide to Getting a Concealed Carry Purse

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