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How to Set up a Fantastic Break Room for your Employees

Your break room is an essential part of your office to give your employees a much-needed break and relaxation. Your break room needs to be a place where employees can come to relax during their breaks or decompress after a shift before going home. Having a break room centered around fun and relaxation is the key to happy employees. Below, you will find some of the best ways to set up a fantastic break room for your employees.

Keeping Beverages on Hand

One of the best ways to make a break room more relaxing is to keep it stocked with plenty of drinks. Coffee machines and bottled water are wonderful choices for breakrooms to give a moment to refresh and go back on the office floor. Having coffee on hand in the breakroom not only shows you appreciate your employees but can provide them with the midday boost they need to finish up their work for the day. For employees who don’t prefer coffee, you can keep bottled water or water coolers in the break room for a quick refreshment. Search for water bottle companies in Canada to find the right water provider for you.

Keeping Appliances in Working Order

Having appliances available in the break room is excellent for mealtimes during work. Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and even ovens can help the break room feel more relaxing and like home. Having these appliances available to employees is essential to keeping them happy, so it’s best to make sure they stay in working order. Look into virtual appliance repair when you need help with the appliances in your break room and keep them in good working order.

Conversation Spaces


One of the most important aspects of a breakroom is the conversations you have with your fellow employees. Having a quick chat on break in the break room is a great way to relax or blow off steam. Give your employees a space to converse by providing tables, chairs, or even couches to sit and talk. Having a space to talk and hang out during downtimes at work will increase productivity and give employees a chance to come together and work better as a team.

Making a Relaxing Atmosphere

When it comes to making the perfect break room for your employees, they need to feel they are actually on a break. It is essential to offer a relaxing atmosphere away from their work area so they can get the rest and relaxation they need while on their breaks. Look for colors that are cool tones and relaxing to paint the room. Throw in some board games or cards so they can play a quick hand on break to take their mind off work for just a minute.

Making Large Space

When looking at different break room areas, make sure the space is large enough to offer your employees ample space to relax. Having a larger break room also allows celebrating successes and birthdays. Offering these types of parties in the break room lets your employees know that you care for them and makes their job seem even more personable, which in turn makes them do better in the workspace.


Encouraging Break Time

Make a space that encourages employees to take breaks. Look at installing a television set or even video games to offer employees the opportunity to take their mind off work entirely so they can stay focused when they return. Always encourage your employees to take breaks for physical health and mental health during the day. Breaks throughout the day prevent burnout and exhaustion, which can make employees’ performance drop. A fun and comfortable break room will keep your employees happy and workflow smooth.

How to Set up a Fantastic Break Room for your Employees

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