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Top 4 Sporting Guns and the Events They’re used for

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Are you planning on becoming a star shooter? Have you been learning the rules of shooting from professional shooters?

You should look into the most popular types of sporting guns and which sports they are used for. If you want to become a professional shooter, you want to consider mastering one of these guns.


If you want to get into clay shooting, you want to master your skills by shooting shotguns. For most clay shooting competitions, both pump-action and auto-loading shotguns are eligible. You want to test out your shooting with both shotgun shells as well as slugs.

These guns take time to get used to as you need a lot of physical strength. The recoil on shotguns can be intense. At first, you want to master firing a shotgun in a gun range.


Make sure you learn how to load stripper clips if you want to master shooting rifles for competitions. Rifles are the easiest type of gun for beginners to learn how to shoot. You might want to start with a bolt-action rifle. While this doesn’t allow for continuous shooting, it’s great for practicing your marksmanship.

Afterward, you can practice shooting with an assault rifle. These are also popular for target shooting competitions.


You don’t need to break out the big guns for competitive shooting! Many of the most challenging shooting sports involve pistols. You might want to master a revolver or a Colt .45 or Colt 1911 pistol if you want to shoot competitively. Most pistol sports will involve target shooting.

You want to go to your local gun range to practice target shooting. You can hire a professional instructor who’ll teach you how to improve your marksmanship.

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This is one of the easiest guns to learn if you want to enter amateur competitions. With regular practice, it won’t take long until you can qualify for professional competitions.

BB Guns

You don’t have to use a gun loaded with bullets to partake in shooting competitions. Many competitions, both professional and amateur, are now held with BB guns. This is especially a great option if you live in a place where access to guns is highly regulated.

Most competitions involving BB guns focus on BB pistols. You can buy any BB pistol and practice in your backyard. You can start with shooting targets or cans or bottles to improve your aim.

Choose Among these Sporting Guns

You can choose among these sporting guns to decide which is the best option for your skill level. Clay shooting sports are often the most fun but also the hardest competition. You’ll have to take your time getting used to firing a shotgun.

Rifles are much easier to use and with regular training, you can partake in competitions. Pistols and shooting with BB guns are the easiest options for amateur shooters.

Top 4 Sporting Guns and the Events They’re used for

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