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3 Benefits of Bullet Proof Vests for your Security Team

As the director or coordinator of a security service, your operators rely on you to provide a safe and practical working environment.

Read on for the top 3 advantages of bulletproof vests for your security team.

Enhanced Protection

First and foremost, bulletproof vests protect your personnel from small-arms attacks. Whatever the application, there is always the chance a security threat will be armed with a gun.

Bulletproof vests are particularly important for armed security personnel, who will be expected to return fire in the event of a gun battle. Ensure front-line security is protected from firearm attacks to create a strong first defense.

Plus, outfitting your team with protective gear sends a strong deterrent message to any would-be threats by demonstrating that your security team is ready for anything.

Many models also double as stab-proof vests, making them a versatile and essential piece of equipment for security staff. Well-fitted vests make for the best kinetic protection, so be sure to provide your team with the right size fittings.

Added Storage Capacity

As well as providing invaluable personal defense, most bullet proof vests also come equipped with handy utility pockets and compartments for easier loadout access. Whether you’re providing security in a military or private setting, more storage capacity can only be a good thing.

man wear bullet proof vest

The best bullet proof vests will have compartments for defensive spray, extra ammunition, and utility items like flashlights and zip-ties. In an emergency situation, the ease of access provided by a vest can make all the difference.

Ensure your team is well briefed on how to get the best out of the utility and storage features on their bulletproof vests. Regular weighted vest training exercises and drills will help bring them up to speed.

Increased Productivity

An effective security detail comes from satisfied, content operators. The peace of mind provided by a bulletproof vest will boost company morale and lead to more productive workers.

When your staff knows they are protected from small arms fire and sharp weapons, they are more likely to take an assertive role in security operations. This increases the scope and momentum of your whole security detail.

Moreover, they will be less likely to suffer from the psychological effects of insufficient protection, such as stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Why BulletProof Vests are a Must

So, that’s the 101 on how bullet proof vests can benefit your security team. By protecting them from physical threats, enhancing their loadout, and boosting morale, protective vests could be the key to leveling up your security business today.

3 Benefits of Bullet Proof Vests for your Security Team

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