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What are the Best Cannabis Strains?

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains

In February of 2022, Mississippi passed a law to create a medical cannabis program despite pushback from some government officials.

While this law has made it past the finish line, various other states have proposed bills this year to legalize cannabis use including Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

As more states are granting wishes for legalized marijuana, potential users want to learn more about it. For best results with marijuana use, it’s important to know the different cannabis strains.

Keep reading to learn about a few of them.

Animal Mints

One of the best cannabis strains this year is a cross between two other strains; Animal Cookies and Sin Mint Cookies. Animal Mints gives off a strong body high with earthy and minty flavors.

Users who live by Animal Mints say that they feel extra relaxed and very hungry after ingestion or smoking. Medical patients who struggle with appetite and those with high stress and anxiety might benefit from this strain.

The strain has a high THC level so that recreational users can enjoy it for entertainment as well. Cannabis testing in the field is completed to verify potency levels.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular marijuana strains year after year. The hybrid was created by crossing Haze with Blueberry. For users who want a balanced high, this is the go-to strain.

Blue Dream has a THC content of around 18% while the low CBD concentration helps create a more potent high. This is a good strain for beginners and veterans alike.


Users say they enjoy the relaxing effects with the taste of berry in the background. Medical marijuana patients might use Blue Dream to help with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and nausea.

Blue Dream is one of the most accessible strains with long-lasting effects, hence its popularity.

Cookies and Cream

The marijuana plant has a lot of earthy flavors, and that’s likely what you’ll find with the Cookies and Cream strain. However, some users note tasting hints of vanilla and other sweet flavors.

Cookies and Cream help with calming but not as much as other strains. This strain is more known for its euphoric effects.

A medical marijuana dispensary might tell you that Cookies and Cream can help with long-lasting pain relief during the day. Night smokers use this strain to help them sleep.

Ghost OG

Another hybrid strain from the cannabis plant is Ghost OG. Users describe it as being earthy with a pine aroma along with notes of citrus.

Ghost OG is well-known for potency without overwhelming properties. Users might feel calm and relaxed which is why recreational users get Ghost OG flower.

Medical patients could use this strain for pain and insomnia. The relaxing effects might help induce sleep.

Cannabis Strains you Should Try this Year

Marijuana consumption is all about the results which is why different cannabis strains are created for various users. Animal Mints, Blue Dream, Cookies and Cream, and Ghost OG are just four of the most popular strains.

Next time you are at a dispensary, try one of these strains out for yourself. If you know the effects you are looking for, ask a budtender what strain they recommend.

What are the Best Cannabis Strains?

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