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How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2022

Instagram is the fourth biggest social media platform, coming in behind Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp.

If you currently use Instagram for any reason, you likely know how beneficial it can be. Engagement is often easier than on other social media sites, for example.

However, if you have an Instagram account that isn’t doing as well as you hoped, it may be time to change up your Instagram content or work on improving your Instagram engagement.

If you are more interested in likes and reaching as many people as possible, you may wonder how to get more likes on Instagram. If that’s the case, we have you covered. Keep reading to learn how to get more Instagram likes.

Only Share High-Quality Photos

While this should be obvious, some people don’t understand how important it is to share high-quality photos. If you have a picture that is too dark, pixilated, or blurry, you won’t get very many likes.

The same is true for any graphics you post. If you use too many different fonts or try to add many images or text in a small square, your followers won’t respond well.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a graphic designer or professional photographer for this. Instead, focus on increasing your post quality.

This may mean sitting by the window for natural lighting or upgrading your camera. The images you post play a huge role in how many likes you get on Instagram.

Gain Inspiration from Other Industries and Brands

Where are you getting your inspiration? If you only follow your personal circle of friends or others in your industry, you will not find any new, fresh ideas.

It’s good to research and find accounts that can inspire your own content. You should make your Instagram feed a combination of your ideas and the inspiration you take from others.

There’s no need to steal ideas but to use others’ unique posts to help you create unique ones. Quality content is extremely beneficial.

Engage with Users

Some creators become so focused on what they post and share that they don’t remember an important aspect of social media – being social.

Talking to other people is a great way to generate almost automatic insta likes.

Along with replying and liking the comments left on your posts, it’s also important to like and comment on posts from other accounts. Make sure you are taking part in the conversation and replying to stories. You should even take it a step further and share other people’s posts.

Instagram’s algorithm will reward people who use all the features on the platform. However, your followers will be more likely to interact with what you post if they know you are making the same effort.

Create Engaging Captions

Having high-quality images is essential; however, it’s not enough on its own. You need to make sure the caption you create is just as interesting, value-packed, and engaging.

Don’t use single-sentence or one-word captions. Try to evoke some type of emotion and tell a story. You can provide an actionable tip, share a vulnerable statement, or even use humor.

The key to captions on Instagram is to make sure they are relatable. If someone can relate to your post, they will be more likely to comment or like it.

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Also, make sure you are sharing everything you can with your audience. This is something that is going to help you get even more likes.

The “perfect caption” isn’t the same for everyone. Because of this, it’s smart to test out a few options to see what your audience responds to best. Once you find something that works, keep doing it.

Create a Like-Based Contest

If you want to post content that will generate engagement, you should promote a sale or giveaway. Most people love entering contests. Also, the easier it is to enter, the more engagement you will see.

You can create a like-based photo contest. When doing this, make one of the terms of entry: the person likes your post. Usually, other requirements include following the account and tagging a few friends.

When you create a contest with such a low entry requirement (liking a post), you will receive a lot of engagement.

Encourage Comments

Remember, since Instagram is a visual platform, you need to make sure you post high-quality photos. However, along with this, you can increase likes by encouraging people to comment, too.

You can do this in a few ways. A few examples include:

  • Share a story and ask followers to share back
  • Ask about advice on a decision you must make
  • Post an unpopular opinion and ask for feedback

Doing this will encourage people to do more than just like your content, which is great for your presence.

Now you Know how to Get More Likes on Instagram

By now, you should have a few ideas on how to answer the question – how to get more likes on Instagram. As you can see, there are more than a few things you can do.

Try one or more of these strategies to see what type of likes you can get on your account. Chances are you will be more than impressed with the results.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram in 2022

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