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Find All the Information you Need on Laser Hair Removal in San Diego

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Many people are troubled by the presence of excessive hair on their bodies. Ingrown hair is painful and causes various problems like a bacterial infection, permanent scarring, and skin darkening. However, many do not opt for hair removal treatments because traditional hair removal methods are often ineffective and imprecise.

In contrast, laser hair removal provides results quickly and efficiently. According to statistics, laser hair removal has grown by 51% since 2000, with San Diego in California being one of the highly sought-after cities for this treatment. If you are troubled by unwanted hair on your body, you must consider looking for clinics or medical spas that specialize laser hair removal in San Diego.

Here are some things you must know before you begin your search.

How can Laser Hair Removal Help you?

A laser treatment will help you get rid of unwanted hair on any area of your body.

If you have ingrown hair from having undergone waxing or plucking, this treatment will solve those issues too. One of the significant advantages of this procedure is that it’s long-lasting and exact compared to other methods.

Interestingly, laser treatment has overtaken waxing in San Diego as the best-preferred option for hair removal.

Which Areas does it Work on?

You can opt for hair removal with this procedure on any part of your body. Usually, an experienced clinic in San Diego will divide the treatment into small, medium, large, extra-large, and full-body areas. Small areas include the lips, chin, ears, cleavage, nose, underarms, toes, and knuckles.

laser hair remover for legs

Medium parts refer to the neck’s back and front areas, half-arms, hands, feet, shoulders, bikini line, inner thighs, and lower face. If you select large and extra-large parts, they would include full arms, back, legs, groin, and buttocks. You could even opt for a full-body procedure.

What is the Cost of Laser Treatment in San Diego?

The specific cost will depend on the number of treatments you require, the parts to be covered, and the total duration of each session. However, on average, a laser procedure in San Diego costs between 250 USD$ to 400 USD$ per session.

While getting rid of facial hair might cost you between 420 USD$ to 780 USD$, a complete upper body removal costs around 720 USD$. It is better to ask your laser hair removal clinic beforehand regarding the exact costs.

How do Doctors Carry out the Process?

The process begins with a consultation at the clinic to determine the laser treatment you require, depending on your hair type. They would probably ask you to shave at least 12 hours before the procedure.

The best clinics in San Diego usually use the Lumenis LightSheer Duet and Lumenis Splendor X lasers because they provide the best results. The lasers, with 755 nanometers to 800 nanometers of wavelength, work intensely on the hair follicle directly, stopping melanin production and disrupting the hair growth cycle.

Is the Process Painful?

Most people who have opted for this procedure have reported a slight stinging sensation, comparable to a rubber band snapping on their skin. You might feel a little pinch, but nothing that will make you uncomfortable. After the procedure, you might see some skin redness and increased sensitivity.

Do you Require Multiple Sessions?

Most clinics in San Diego need people to undergo between nine to 12 removal procedures per area. You might need more sessions if you opt for removal in the lower face and other places with a higher chance of regrowth.

Doctors place most appointments a few weeks apart from each other to allow sufficient healing and recovery before they can treat the area again. One of the significant advantages of this process is the significantly lower chances of regrowth compared to a method like plucking.

For example, a study by the University of Southern California found that tweezing 200 hairs in an area led to the regrowth of almost 1200 hairs. But lasers dramatically reduce the chances of regrowth in the future. You must try out laser hair removal in San Diego to get the best results without unwanted side effects like ingrown hair and irritation. Once you opt for the treatment, you will immediately notice its multiple benefits.

Find All the Information you Need on Laser Hair Removal in San Diego

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